Eight Days – Please Act!

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IC-SS Weekly Update: October 26, 2020

8 Days to Go – Find Your Way to Act

EIGHT DAYS. Make a difference up and down the ticket by phoning or texting voters in swing states and key Illinois districts. If you’re willing to go out in public, there are canvassing opportunities in Michigan. Both Indivisible Chicago Alliance and national Indivisible provide opportunities to act throughout the week.

Phonebankers connect online before making calls. Here’s a glimpse of a national Indivisible phonebank. Top right is Nick Uniejewski, Sr Regional Organizer for Indivisible (and find Betsy Rubin taking part)

National Indivisible

Quick links to multi-state actions with national Indivisible:


Quick links to find actions with Indivisible Chicago & sign up:

Speak Spanish fluently? Indivisible Chicago needs Spanish-language phone-bankers and texters. Let us know.

Show Up for Marie Newman

Show up for Marie. Go to the Marie Newman for Congress website to support progressive Democrat Marie Newman’s campaign and volunteer to phonebank, do lit drops, or help in other ways. Or sign up directly here!

IC-South Side: Election Night Watch Party

Why be alone on Election Night? Join Doug Bishop, Esther Peters, and other Indivisible Chicago-South Side friends for a Zoom watch party. View Election Night coverage on your own TV or other device and still have an online, friendly space to share reactions with the rest of us.

We’ll announce details soon on Facebook and in our next newsletter. Meanwhile, email us to tell us if you’re interested in joining our Watch Party, and we’ll be sure to email you details as soon as we have them. RSVP here.

Make a Plan to Vote – Vote NOW

Graphic by Indivisible Illinois for the Virus Free Voting Illinois webpage

Haven’t voted yet? Make your voting plan, and VOTE NOW or ASAP. Urge your friends to do the same.

VOTE AT HOME: Fill in your mail-in ballot, sign the envelope properly, and drop it in a Secured Drop Box (better than mailing at this late date):

VOTE EARLY: Go to ANY Early Voting site and vote in person:

IMPORTANT: If you have a mail-in ballot but you decide instead to vote in person, you MUST surrender your blank mail-in ballot to the election worker at the voting site. (Otherwise, you’ll need to vote on a provisional ballot.)

More questions? See Indivisible IL’s Virus Free Voting Illinois webpage.

Voting for Judges

Your vote on judges can make a difference. Vote NO on Toomin and others. Share with your friends:

Vote Yes for Fair Tax Amendment

Vote YES for the Fair Tax! On Chicago mail-in ballots, the Fair Tax question is FIRST on the ballot. Find it on the left, in a light-blue column before the Biden-Trump question. (See graphic below.) The words “fair tax” don’t actually appear – instead, look for the heading Proposed Amendment to the 1970 Illinois Constitution.

Find the Fair Tax question on your ballot – Graphic by the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless

Neighbors Who Vote –  Making a Difference

Tyler McClelland Campbell, Julia Kline, Stanley McClelland of Neighbors Who Vote (Photo courtesy of Julia Kline)

Thanks and respect to Neighbors Who Vote – the local non-partisan group dedicated to registering and informing voters on the South Side and downtown before the November 3 election. Catch NWV organizers Morrow Cleveland, Monica Long, and Kevin Murry on NBC Chicago. For more information, email NWVoteChicago@gmail.com. Getting out the vote!

Protect the Results – Nov 4 and Beyond

What if Trump loses and refuses to concede?

Protect the Results is a consortium of over 100 organizations that have joined together to protect the results of the election Nov. 3rd. Headed by Indivisible and Stand Up America, the broad coalition includes MoveOn, Voting While Black, Working Families Party, National LGBTQ Task Force, Republicans for the Rule of Law, Sunrise Movement, SURJ, citywide Indivisible Chicago, and others.

Protect the Results will activate large-scale protests aimed at capturing the public narrative throughout the country if Trump does any of the following:

  • Refuses to concede
  • Declares himself the winner before the votes are tallied
  • Pressures state legislators or governors in key states regarding electors
  • Uses law enforcement to intimidate potential voters
  • Other legal maneuvers

Chicago’s first action will take place at Daley Plaza on Wednesday, Nov 4th at 5:00 PM. Similar actions will occur across the country at 5 PM local time. Keep following Protect the Results for information about actions beyond November 4th.

Read more & sign up here for the Chicago Nov 4 Protect the Results mass action 
Important: Sign up EVEN IF you can’t be there in person. You can help get the word out and create buzz.

Postcards to Swing States – Thanks, Writers!

Kim Hinton showing a few of her 500 finished postcards 

Shout-out to all the IC-South Siders who wrote and mailed postcards to voters in swing states – Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and more. All told, we had 115 postcard writers from the South Side and South Suburbs, and together we penned 24,040 postcards.

Our champion postcarders (600+) were Jessica Barnes (1000 cards), Martha Van Haitsma (1000), Hillary Geller (800), and Nancy Joseph (700). Special love to Sue Avila and Wendy Posner for stamping many thousands of postcards. Congratulations and thanks to all who wrote – whether 100, 500, or 1000!

Our postcards were among the Chicago citywide total of 515,000 distributed and a nationwide total of 15.7 million distributed. Thanks to Denise Poloyac, Jason Rieger, Reid McCollum, and all the amazing organizers at Indivisible Chicago Alliance and Postcards to Swing States for planning and implementing an effort significant enough to help swing elections in multiple states.

Last, but not least – send a very hearty hooray and thanks to our own Esther Peters, Co-Leader of IC-South Side and Postcard Hub Manager for the entire South Side/Suburbs. For five months, Esther gave up her weekends, lunch hours, email inbox, and even her living room toward this massive effort. Thank you for your hard work, patience, guidance, and encouragement, Esther!

IC-SS Co-Leader/postcard hub manager Esther Peters receiving another bag of finished cards

Hey, did we miss anyone in our shout-outs? Please let us know.


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