Rogan’s List for February 22, 2023

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Actions on insurrection lies, family separations, changes to food system, and more!

Contact all members of Congress:

Contact White House or other federal agencies:

We learned this week that Speaker McCarthy has given exclusive access to the January 6th security footage to Tucker Carlson, who has been one of the most prominent voices spreading the lie that the insurrection was a false flag. In addition to concerns of how Carlson will misuse footage for misinformation, sources close to the January 6th Select Committee have said this would include sensitive clips of high-ranking leaders being moved to secure locations and make the Capitol Police’s efforts to secure the Capitol in the future more difficult. Let’s contact our members of Congress and ask them to a) join Rep. Bennie Thompson’s demand to know what steps Rep. McCarthy took to mitigate the security risks of this release before giving access to Carlson; b) push for a wider variety of news outlets to be given safe access to this same footage so they can fact-check Carlson’s inevitable lies; and c) encourage them to personally push back on the flood of conspiracy theories and cherry-picking to come as aggressively as possible.

  • STOP FAMILY SEPARATIONS AT THE BORDERThe new app CBP-one that asylum seekers must register with to get a Title 42 exemption or apply for humanitarian parole has several problems including limited appointments, facial recognition software that doesn’t recognize darker skin tones, and a lack of access among the most vulnerable Even more concerning is the new Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) policy that doesn’t allow families to apply as a unit, which leaves parents with the impossible decision to leave their children behind if they should be granted an opportunity to enter the country while their case is being heard. This is unconscionable and inhumane and must stop immediately! Let’s call the Department of Homeland Security (202-282-8495) and CBP (877-CBP-5511) and demand that families be processed together. Let’s also call our MoCs and ask them to sign on or write their own letter to DHS secretary Mayorkas to echo the concerns expressed by Reps. Chuy (D-IL) and Grijalva (D-AZ) in their letter to DHS.
    Senate Majority Leader Schumer has promised that the Senate will vote on a repeal to the authorization for use of military force (AUMF) that gave open-ended approval for the Iraq War. This would be a historic step towards ending the War on Terror and reasserting congressional war powers, and while it passed the House and the Senate Foreign Relations Committee with bipartisan support in the last Congress the full Senate has been a serious obstacle. Let’s contact our senators and let them know we want to them put an end to this blank check for use of force.
  • REFORMING THE U.S. FOOD SYSTEMCongressional Democrats have filed a package of bills to reform the U.S. agriculture sector. Let’s tell Members of Congress to co-sponsor them:
    • S.271 and H.R.797 – Farm System Reform Act will crack down on Big Agriculture monopolies and place a moratorium on large factory farms.
    • S.272  and H.R.805 – Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act will place liability for disaster mitigation on corporations and industrial operators and require more humane treatment of livestock.
    • S.270 and H.R.798 – Protecting America’s Meatpacking Workers Act of 2023 will protect meatpacking workers and create a fair market for independent farmers and ranchers.
    • S.269 – Protect America’s Children From Toxic Pesticides Act will ban the most damaging pesticides from the farm system. (On this one, let’s tell our Representative to introduce companion legislation in the House!)


Thanks to our readers for keeping us honest. Here is an update.

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