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Hi everyone!

It’s Monday, and instead of spending our time taking bets on when Melania will flee the White House (DEFINITELY BEFORE she has to decorate for Christmas!), urgent local issues need to be addressed.


Tomorrow, Tuesday, the Ventura County Board of Supervisors is voting on final approval of updated regulations to control drilling, even old permits. This is all due to our community’s support for new environmental protections. Add your encouraging comment here. If you register by 3:30 today, you can speak at the hearing by ZOOM. Instructions in the post: (

TODAY – Ventura City Council Meeting: There was a recent police shooting after a car chase, and once again, a person has ended up dead on our streets. There is a world where this doesn’t happen and we need to ask for it. There are two agenda items on Ventura City Council’s agenda tonight:- #7 – Urging the city council to finally adopt what numerous other cities already have – a police oversight committee or civilian review board and- #8G – The police are asking the City Council to approve a Justice Assistance Grant of $24,000 for gun lockers. We’d like money to start going into uses that serve the community better. Like more de-escalation training, maybe. Instructions in the post: (

TODAY – Simi Valley City Council Meeting: There’s still time to send in comment to the Simi Valley City Council meeting urging them to vote “YES” on item 4a, an affordable housing project. People, we need to do this everywhere, or all our young people will move away from us and their families. Prop. 13, all those years ago, made cities stop building housing instead of the much more profitable commercial properties. We will be reaping what we sowed so many years ago with unlivable cities for our own youth and young families. Send comments to , SUBJECT: Agenda Item 4a.

Then back to national issues…We are ordering in about 7500 GOTV postcards to Georgia voters, as a start. We hope to double that or more before we’re through. Instructions on signing up in the post: (

Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight 2020 needs donations and volunteers inside and outside of Georgia to put Ossoff and the Reverend Warnock into the Senate.

We’ve also linked to a new post regarding volunteering with the Scrutineers community. “Scrutineers is an online community of people who care about the fairness and accuracy of US elections and are committed to doing what we can to protect the elections. We’re movement veterans, newcomers, and everything in-between. We’re a nonpartisan organization dedicated to ending voter suppression and ensuring secure elections. We’re here to LEARN, CONNECT, and ACT.” Join in with their “Find a Project” app. ( This is an especially good volunteer opportunity for detail-oriented people. Read more about it here. (

Check out upcoming events here. (

If we’ve missed an event, please email us at

Happy Monday!

It’s great to be doing good trouble again!

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