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Putin’s Republican Cheerleaders

Putin’s Republican cheerleaders Ronald Reagan condemned Russian communism. Many Republican leaders now praise Putin. What gives? Follow the money to see how Republican leaders became Putin cheerleaders. How Russia helped Trump get elected Trump withholding weapons from Ukraine unless they helped

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Republican values illustrated

Republican values illustrated Your ‘fair and balanced‘ illustrated guide to Republican values. Republicans claim to stand for justice, patriotism and the rule of law. Animal Farm shows how do high minded principles get bastardized?


Billionaires beautify DeSantis

Billionaires beautify DeSantis Billionaires dump Trump to peddle DeSantis. What’s their angle? FOX News, Wall Street Journal and the NY Post (all owned by Rupert Murdoch) praise DeSantis. Musk whitewashes DeSantis’ book


Blue Wave Advisory

Blue Wave Advisory “Women are already showing up in large numbers, and they’re going to show up in masse to vote driving a blue Democratic tsunami.” – Michael Moore Messaging experts advised framing

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