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Putin’s Republican Cheerleaders

Putin’s Republican cheerleaders Ronald Reagan condemned Russian communism. Many Republican leaders now praise Putin. What gives? Follow the money to see how Republican leaders became Putin cheerleaders. How Russia helped Trump get elected Trump withholding weapons from Ukraine unless they helped

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Fight FOX propaganda. Strengthen the FCC

Fight FOX propaganda. Strengthen the FCC FOX News spreads conspiracy theories to sell ads while attacking the FCC – the federal agency that regulates media outlets like FOX. “The FCC is currently deadlocked


Racism runs for office

Racism runs for office A mass shooter kills ten people in Buffalo inspired by a racist ‘replacement’ conspiracy theory pushed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News and embraced by Republican candidates. “House GOP leadership has


Fix Medicaid. Don’t kill it.

Fix Medicaid. Don’t kill it. Nothing hurts like a toothache – except lack of healthcare. You’d think that politicians would focus on the welfare of their constituents before waging culture wars. Like

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