Petition: Kevin McCarthy Must Expel Marjorie Taylor Greene

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Marjorie Taylor Greene

Editor’s Note: David Weissman started this petition to Representative Kevin McCarthy on May 23, and in a little over 24 hours had gathered almost 49,000 signatures.

Kevin McCarthy,

As a veteran of the armed forces, I’ve been trained to assess threats and there is a serious threat to our country sitting in Congress that goes by the name of Marjorie Taylor Greene. She gained notoriety by spreading anti-Semitic conspiracies and has deployed her social media platform to incite an insurrection, support a plan to murder Speaker Pelosi, as well as to falsely accuse her colleagues of ties to terrorist groups. Marjorie Taylor Greene cannot even be trusted to be on any committees and is only in office to disrupt order and cause chaos.

Her recent comments comparing Covid-19 CDC guidelines to the Holocaust are deeply offensive and are just one of the many different ways she’s violated her oath as a member of Congress. I used to believe the Republican Party stood for decency, family values and good faith principles, but any continued support of Marjorie Taylor Greene, renders that demonstrably untrue. She is an active security threat to her colleagues, is unfit to serve the good people of this country, and she’s directly harmed our civil liberties and freedoms with her divisive and hateful rhetoric.

Marjorie Taylor Greene must be immediately expelled from Congress.


Sign on to David Weissman’s petition at here.

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