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Political Cartoons Say It Best

Political Cartoons Say It Best No description necessary … Feeding The Fringe – Adam Zyglis Les Deplorables – R.J. Matson Butthurt Base – David Fitzsimmons Trump or the nation? – Bruce Plante Josh Hawley – Taylor Jones The Real Dirty

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Republican gun policies help mass shooters

Republican gun policies help mass shooters A racist teenager kills ten in Buffalo with a military-style assault weapon. What role do Republican policies play in the surge of mass shootings? “The shooter at a Buffalo


Mom Voted

My mother voted. She took me with her, and my sister too, so we could watch. She was so proud. She called me “citizen”, she called everyone she ran into “citizen”. She


Racism runs for office

Racism runs for office A mass shooter kills ten people in Buffalo inspired by a racist ‘replacement’ conspiracy theory pushed by Tucker Carlson on Fox News and embraced by Republican candidates. “House GOP leadership has


A Force for Freedom

By Lisa DiRado Have conversations about abortion care. Use this guide to help you find the right words.   Someone you know — or someone you love may need abortion care one

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