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How has COVID-19 Impacted DUI Rates?

The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our lives in many different ways. With quarantines and shelter-in-place orders in place, many of us have been restricted with our movements over the last few months.


Rogan’s List for 07/09/2020

 7/9/20 NATIONAL ISSUES Contact all Federal Members of Congress(includes contact info and links to social media) Fax legislators for free:Reps: Or use Resistbot: Purchase stamps, postcards, and other mailing supplies: White


44 Electoral Colleges Votes

We’ve got 44 Electoral College votes to win! Can you come help us build the ballot in these states?  Our calendar is getting fuller every day––if you haven’t taken a look in


The Push to Open Schools

A follower asked: Trump wants to pretend like everything is normal. His solution to the virus is to pretend like there’s no problem. He has the idea that if the economy is


July 4, 2021

Photo by Roven Images via Unsplash A thread. Unroll please. We made it. We're six months into rebuilding America. Don't get me wrong: there's a long way to go. But today, July 4, 2021, fresh

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