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1/6 Attacks

AOC video screens

Respect AOC’s Truth

I will not move on from the insurrection at the White House on Jan. 6. A terror attack that was inspired by Donald Trump and his enablers resulted in the deaths of seven Americans — five on the scene and

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PerQliar Kevin McCarthy

The PerQliar Case of Kevin McCarthy

Originally published April 21, 2021 As a Californian, I try not to think about Kevin McCarthy. Who likes thinking about their region’s most embarrassing people? However, since his slavish, sycophantic behavior towards


The Week That Was

@JoanneTrueBlue shares her graphics spotlighting some of the significant news stories from last week.


Last Week in DemCast

Last week was a busy one in the news. New York prosecutors charged the Trump Organization and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg with a long-running scheme to avoid taxes. Rescue efforts on


Trump and His Party of Flying Monkeys

When it comes to the Republican Party, trump opened up a Pandora’s box in American politics. His behavior ultimately triggered an insurrection by his supporters, designed to overturn his presidential election loss.

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