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1/6 Attacks

AOC video screens

Respect AOC’s Truth

I will not move on from the insurrection at the White House on Jan. 6. A terror attack that was inspired by Donald Trump and his enablers resulted in the deaths of seven Americans — five on the scene and

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Trump and His Party of Flying Monkeys

When it comes to the Republican Party, trump opened up a Pandora’s box in American politics. His behavior ultimately triggered an insurrection by his supporters, designed to overturn his presidential election loss.

Trump's Big Lie

The Week That Was

This week we feature the work of ShuriReisists. She has created these graphics inspired by the news of the week including recent happenings in the Capitol.

Liz Cheney truth teller GOP

The Intrepid Liz Cheney

It’s been three years since I registered as a Democrat after learning the truth about liberal values and the Democrats who fight for them. I don’t agree with what my former party

the democracy pledge

Make The Democracy Pledge

“The more people who express an interest in supporting only democracy-compliant businesses, the more power we collectively have to protect our democracy.” — Glenn Kirschner  Glenn Kirschner has a number of impressive