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Prescott Indivisible Newsletter

Prescott Indivisible Newsletter:March 23, 2020 LOCAL ACTION ALERT SIGN PETITIONS ON LINE Due to the current health crisis all canvassing and petition signature gathering door to door has been suspended. Many candidates still need signatures to qualify for the upcoming election. The

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Indivisible Ventura

Hi everyone! It’s  Thursday in America with a president whose openly dragging us down to levels of open corruption not seen since Teapot Dome. But hey, what’s this we hear about New York


BLM protests and other antiracist things to do…

Today’s Local Actions (Tues 6/30) But first, a nice, concise review of why we’re here. Check out all our “Watch Party” videos here. Favorite: A violinist transfixes riot police at a peaceful protest for Elijah McClain. Recently