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Myths About Democrats: Debunked by a Former Republican

Some of you have heard my story of being one of the first former Trump supporters to denounce Trump after a life-changing dialogue. It took changing my worldview on liberal values, Democratic officials and marginalized people before seeing the con

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PerQliar Kevin McCarthy

The PerQliar Case of Kevin McCarthy

Originally published April 21, 2021 As a Californian, I try not to think about Kevin McCarthy. Who likes thinking about their region’s most embarrassing people? However, since his slavish, sycophantic behavior towards


What Have We Become?

Why has the political invective become so much more toxic? While advocating for America and protesting against candidates in my own Republican Party over the last five years, it’s been interesting to

censorship book ban

Republicans Are Not the Champions of Free Speech

Republicans claimed a victory for free speech when the Department of Homeland Security paused its Disinformation Governance Board after the right-wing media pushed a vicious smear campaign filled with lies and violent threats.

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