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Oath to the Constitution Save the Republic

An Open Letter to Speaker Pelosi From an Army Veteran

UPDATED JAN. 6, 8:30 EDT As of this morning, around 150 Republicans are assaulting our democracy by planning to overturn the presidential election results. President-elect Joe Biden and Vice President-elect Kamala Harris clearly won the 2020 presidential election in every

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PerQliar Kevin McCarthy

The PerQliar Case of Kevin McCarthy

As a Californian, I try not to think about Kevin McCarthy. Who likes thinking about their region’s most embarrassing people? However, since his slavish, sycophantic behavior towards trump has become world-renowned as


Trump Is a Flying Monkey, Too

After writing about the need to view trump and his party of flying monkeys through a psychological lens, I was inspired to re-watch “The Wizard of Oz.” I wanted to see exactly


GOP Family Feud

By Marshall Ward About the only place Republicans can gather these days without breaking into a family feud is at the White House, where President Joe Biden has been hosting a series

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