Get Out The Vote – Then Make Absolutely Sure It Counts!

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With this historic election under away, voter suppression is all too real. As we saw in Florida in 2000, this can include stopping the vote count prematurely. Declaring a winner before all the votes are counted is, by definition, a coup. We hope the vote is decisive and this won’t be an issue, but while we hope for the best, we have prepared concrete plans to deter a coup before it even starts. 

Joining this effort will make a huge difference.

Tally Rally is a new, non-partisan initiative asking citizens nationwide to ensure their county elections official counts every ballot by staging rallies outside their office and social media storming on Monday Nov. 2 and Tuesday, Nov. 3. And of course, if necessary, in the crucial days or weeks after the election as well.

We’re asking folks to mask up, socially distance, and show up outdoors (and/or on social media) carrying positive Count Every Vote / Every Vote Counts signs, wearing patriotic costumes if you like, making sidewalk chalk art, and snapping selfies.

Volunteers just go to, enter their state and county, and sign up for a shift! The site emails them the address of their county elections official, fun ideas for signs and costumes, and a link to ready-made social media posts. (And their information will not be used for any other purpose.) 

This one-sheet explains the entire project, for easy emailing to your volunteers:

We recognize that your GOTV efforts will be full bore through Election Day. The Tally Rally project is consciously in addition to those critical campaigns, and is not intended to diminish them.

Will you become a Tally Rally partner, send an email to your volunteers, and help ensure every vote is counted?

In Solidarity,

Jason Berlin (he/him/his)

Executive Director, Field Team 6

P.S. Here’s a 7-minute video based on Daniel Hunter’s Ten Things You Need to Know to Stop a Coup.

Tally Rally emerged from a Protect the Results Action Council and is endorsed by organizations including Reclaim Our Vote / Center for Common Ground, People Demanding Action, Blue Revolution, Swing Left Greater Boston, Women’s March Action, Let America Vote, Indivisible East Bay, Indivisible San Francisco and many other Indivisibles, Grassroots Democrats HQ, Field Team 6, SoCal Blue, NorCal Blue, and grassroots groups nationwide.

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Field Team 6 is a national volunteer army with a simple mission: Register Democrats. Save the world. By targeting places that need Democrats most, we aim to take the White House, flip the Senate, and expand our House majority.

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