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Count Every Vote

Urgent: Help Fix Rejected PA Absentee Ballots

Thousands of Pennsylvania ballots could be thrown out because they lack signatures, dates, or secrecy envelopes. Voters can still fix these ballots! Volunteer to call and tell them how, or donate to our efforts to


Blue Wave Advisory

Blue Wave Advisory “Women are already showing up in large numbers, and they’re going to show up in masse to vote driving a blue Democratic tsunami.” – Michael Moore Messaging experts advised framing


GIFs for Today: Count the Ballots

This year even more than usual, we need to make sure that every single vote is counted. And then, we can begin the hard work of rebuilding our democracy.


What We Know So Far

Dear Friends, The votes are still being counted and results are not final yet anywhere on the ballot. However, it appears increasingly likely that Joe Biden will win the presidency. Many of you


The Day After: November 4, 2020

The election results are unfolding exactly the way the experts told us they would. We knew that more Democrats voted by mail and that the count could take days. We also knew