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Election Day is in full swing in every single state. The most important thing you can do right now, if you haven’t already, is cast your Democratic ballot!

The second-most important thing is this: First-wave turnout reports show sky-high turnout everywhere, but we’ve identified more than 500 key precincts where we URGENTLY need to up our digital ads and direct additional turnout capacity.

Just 1-to-2% higher Democratic turnout in these specific areas could break these elections wide open – and that’s why we’re pouring everything we can into making that happen.

A coalition of donors will TRIPLE all gifts for ONE HOUR to help maximize your impact electing state Democrats.

Match Deadline:

One hour countdown

It’s important that we move on this right now, because these precincts could make the difference between a good election and a historic election for Democrats.

Once the polls close, so does our window to turn out that extra 1 or 2 percent – so we need everyone pitching in before it’s too late.

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