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September 23, 2021







Where does Field Team 6 operate?  

At the pressure points of the Republican Party.  Wherever democracy is most in danger, and our actions can make the difference.  In the swing states where every new Democrat we register could be the one who tips it from red to blue. On November 2, five of our battlegrounds are holding mayoral elections in their biggest cities: Arizona, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania. And Virginia is holding a crucial gubernatorial election that is far too close for comfort. Time for a massive12-day volunteer surge!

 Volunteer to get the word out to every unregistered likely Democrat, by every means we can think of, HERE. Or donate to allow us to contact and help register over 140,000 likely Democrats HERE. To get an early start on what happens after these elections, we’re also launching our Wisconsin voter registration campaign this Tuesday, 9/28 with Resistance Hero Ben Wikler, Chair of the Democratic Party, as well as Milwaukee’s own folk-rock super talents Dead Horses – sign up HERE!

And a gigantic thank you to YOU. Yes, you. You look great today. And it’s only with your help that Field Team 6 can be everywhere we’re needed. Keep going!!

SAVING THE WORLD ONE POSTCARD AT A TIME… AND IT’S ADDING UP!Field Team 6 and our long list of wonderful partners and volunteers (that’s you!) have reached a pretty impressive milestone when it comes to helping register likely Democrats in those pancake-like (flippable) districts we like. Brace yourselves…

We’ve sent out 203,175 postcards!

Wow! Over 200K gorgeous, inspirational postcards have been sent to likely progressive voters urging them to register as Democrats! Minds blown!

We want to express our huge, heartfelt gratitude to voice-of-a-generation artist Shepard Fairey for helping fuel our efforts in this unique way. The gift of his talent means we’re not just writing postcards to people – we’re sending them a work of art. How much more impactful!

And, of course, thank you, our dedicated and amazing partners and volunteers. Two hundred thousand is a giant number to hit… And you did it one handwritten postcard at a time! And, while we can add up numbers, the true power of each and every one of your personalized postcards to inspire a new voter is vast and immeasurable. So thank you, thank you, thank you, for helping save our world.


Are you experiencing activist fatigue? You’re not alone!


Join Field Team 6 multi-hyphenate Czar (Postcarding, Mobilize, Zoom, Newsletter) Sharon Lord Greenspan, and her FT6 super activist/partner in inspiration Cathy O’Krent on Saturday, September 25 from 5-6 pm PT as they share strategies for remaining positive and active through the political adversity and general chaos we face every day.

This meeting of like-minded folks will leave you feeling refreshed, regenerated, and with the tools you need to get back to full strength… so you can get back out there, and kick some a$$ from a place of joy! RSVP right HERE.


For Field Team 6, National Voter Registration Day is a High Holy Day. So this year, we’re celebrating it with one of the patron saints of the Resistance – Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party Ben Wikler – who flipped Wisconsin back to blue in 2020, restoring the Blue Wall and vanquishing the Fast Food Fascist to his skull-shaped castle in Mar-a-Lago.

Join us Tuesday, September 28 from 5-6p PT as we reveal game-changing updates on our progress – hear from Ben Wikler how he and an army of volunteers saved the world (by 20,682 votes!!) – celebrate with Milwaukee’s own folk-rock heroes Dead Horses – and launch our campaign to register hordes of new Democrats in Wisconsin! 

All proceeds fuel our Democratic registration efforts in Wisconsin, where we must defeat Trump lackey Ron Johnson (R), re-elect Governor Tony Evers (D), and elect a Democrat to the seat Rep. Ron Kind (WI-03) is leaving open! Sign up now HERE!


Every Wednesday we hit the web to raise awareness for Field Team 6’s efforts to register Democrats and save the world.

Last week, we hit absolutely mind-boggling numbers as we went into overdrive to defeat the twisted GOP recall in California: we generated over 30 million impressions just on Twitter! Even more on Facebook and Instagram! That is a truly epic achievement.

Our storms are making a difference – and the more who join, the bigger the difference!

Our next efforts will be around the filibuster, passing the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, as well as supporting our registration programs in Wisconsin and Texas!

Storm any time on your own or join our upcoming storm on Wednesday, September 29 at 11a PT on Zoom for some socializing and training to develop mad storming skillz! RSVP HERE. No idea what we’re talking about? Show up and learn! Our very own Deb Verla is literally a training professional and will make it fun and easy.

And, as always, you can find info/assets for our latest storm right HERE.


Have you ever wanted to write voter registration postcards in a group from the comfort of your kitchen table? Then our weekly postcarding parties are right up your alley! Join Postcarding Queen Laurie Mendik at our upcoming virtual shindig this Wednesday, September 29 from 2-3p PT

She’ll get you trained up and ready to write. RSVP HERE! If you’d like to order some of our incredible Shepard Fairey-designed cards, click HERE. And if you can’t contain your postcarding enthusiasm until Wednesday, feel free to get started any time right HERE!


Get your marching shoes on and join us as we #MarchForReproductiveRights. 

We’re taking to the streets on Saturday, October 2 in response to Texas’ draconian six-week abortion ban, which allows individuals to sue abortion providers and patients. We’re marching in every single state ahead of the Supreme Court reconvening on October 4.

To find details on the march nearest you, click HERE.

Field Team 6 is joining the Women’s March and more than 90 other organizations, in calling on women and feminists nationwide to rise up in defense of reproductive rights.


Join us for an in-person magical evening under the stars featuring Broadway musical performances by your favorite stars of stage and screen!

Hosted for the second year in a row by Chris Mann and featuring musical director Doug Peck and an all-star lineup from Broadway and Hollywood, you won’t want to miss it. Plus there’s an open bar, light dinner and desserts, and an opportunity to help save democracy! What’s not to love?

Doors open Sunday, October 3 at 6:30p PT and the curtain rises at 7pm. All proceeds benefit Field Team 6 and DemocraShe (a wonderful organization founded by former FT6 Outreach Director, Sarah Jakle).

 As this is an in-person event, please bring proof of vaccination or a negative COVID test from within the previous 48 hours. (The event is outdoors and masked.) For tickets or to donate please click HERE.


Join Field Team 6 in phone banking into one of the most critical states to our democracy-saving efforts: Florida.

This will be an ongoing campaign and we’ll be focusing on contacting eligible voters (likely Democrats) in Florida’s 26th district!

Monday, October 11 from 6-7p ET we’ll be targeting Carlos Gimenez, a heinous Republican congressman who flipped his seat red, and then voted to overturn the Biden election results. In November, Carlos won his district (FL-26) by 3.4 points, or 11,816 votes. We have 35,005 eligible voters to call in his district. Let’s ride!!! 

And remember, every Democrat we register and inspire to come out to the polls is a vote against Marco Rubio, a vote against!


Join published op-ed writer and voting rights advocate Valerie Morishige on Thursday, October 14 at 6p PT for a how-to on writing an op-ed as an “ordinary person.” The goals for the workshop are to increase your motivation, unlock your abilities, and get published!

We will discuss why an op-ed is a powerful tool for change, how to choose a target, positioning yourself as an “expert,” crafting your argument, and the nitty gritty of submitting your final product. You can RSVP right HERE.

Since this is a hands-on workshop, please come prepared with an issue you would like to write about. The goal is to be co-creators and co-conspirators in this space; therefore, sign-ups will be capped at 20 people and the session will not be recorded. Thank you!

This is the third Op-Ed workshop Valerie has led for us and each one has been chock full of learnin’ and a whole lot of fun. They also sell out, so don’t dawdle!


REGISTER VOTERS IN PERSON!Join us for in-person voter registration drives in Orange County!

TRAIN TO LEAD IN-PERSON VOTER DRIVESOur Zoom trainings give you all the skills to lead in-person voter drives!We have trainings for AZ, CA, FL, GA, NC, PA, TX, and WI – with NV coming soon!

PHONEBANKING Join Field Team 6 and our partners as we call likely Dems inCA-25, GA,NC-08, PA, FL and TX and get them registered to vote!

PHONE BANK IN SUPPORT OF FILIBUSTER REFORMAND VOTING RIGHTS LEGISLATION To give us all the freedom to vote, we must reform the filibuster and pass the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. Call voters in AZ and WV!

POSTCARDINGRegister Dems via postcard in the most flippable districts,write with friends in the OC at our in-person postcarding partiesor virtually at our weekly Wednesday postcarding parties!We’ve got campaigns going inAZ, CA, CO, FL, NC, PA, WI and TX!And if you have time right now, write for the high-priorityVA campaign we just launched! Mailing deadline is 10/4!

SOCIAL STORMINGBuild progressive awareness and help #RegisterDemocratsfrom the comfort of your social media accounts! Find camaraderie, tips, and tricks on our weekly Wednesday Zooms!

TEXTBANKINGJoin texting efforts to register likely Dems in swing states like AZ and TX!Including our new BYOP text bank to register WI Dems!Click VOLUNTEER OPS below to get details and sign up!


This week, we’re swinging the hot newsletter spotlight onto Cecily Young, a Field Team 6er and a true Renaissance Woman who’s done it all: canvassing, phonebanking, texting, postcarding, social storming, voter registration, data entry, and recently, helping to manage the Field Team 6 Facebook page!

“I even held a fundraiser for Field Team 6 in December 2019 called Cocktails for a Cause, where my husband made some new cocktails: the Blue Wave, and the Orange Crush. It was great!”

Cecily had done some phonebanking for Obama but didn’t really consider herself an activist until the disastrous 2016 election. “I woke up the morning after, realizing that our world had changed, and terrible things were about to happen. I felt like I had to drop what I was doing and do something about it. Even if I didn’t know what exactly.”

She’d met Jason through Organizing for America in 2017, and his focus on registering Dems clicked with her. “In spring 2018, I began my treks down to the OC to register students at community colleges. My first time it was just me and Jason and Wendy Dozoretz! They were awesome, fearless, inspiring!” 

It wasn’t easy for her, but she soldiered through. “I did not like talking to strangers, but I was willing to do it because it needed to be done. I was nervous asking strangers, ‘Excuse me, will you help me save the world from Trump?’”  

Every morning she drove down to the OC, she dreaded it. But she felt so good on the way home, “…as if I’d helped to move the needle just 1/1000th of an inch toward hope.”

Before she was focused on building up democracy, she was busy building actual buildings. Working in architecture, she led the competition-winning team for the design of the U.S. Embassy in Berlin. There’s a common thread between her work life and her activist life: “I’m always fascinated by architecture’s ability to make lives better.”

Cecily dreams of the Democrats getting solid control of the Senate and reforming the filibuster, “…so we can deliver all the good things to the American people. We know how to do it. We have the money. We just need the will to do it!”

Cecily, we salute your hard work, honor your dedication, and thank you for all that you do. We lift our virtual glasses and toast you with a tasty “Blue Wave” cocktail!


Be like Cecily! We’re looking for people with a little time and almost any skill to share. Find our current needs HERE.


Feel like taking a stroll? Pull on this snazzy tee and get some exercise, clear your head, run an errand… and register voters as you go! On the front, the simple but all-important message in super cool shadow script: “REGISTER.” On the back: a handy QR code that sends new voters to Voterizer.org for instant registration. You spin around, they snap away with their smartphone, and VOILA – a Democrat is born. Fast, fun and stylish! Click HERE to start shopping!

Click here to sign up for this newsletter.

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