Robin Vos and Donald Trump want to destroy democracy

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Robin Vos isn’t the governor of Wisconsin, but he certainly acts like he is.

For nearly three years, the State Assembly speaker has used his Republican majority to block every move that Democrats and Governor Evers are trying to make to help the people of Wisconsin.

Even before Governor Evers took office in 2019, Vos began to strip power away, including during public health emergencies. 

Republicans hold a 22-seat majority in the State Assembly, which we can flip to a Democratic majority in 2022. But only if we invest in registering new Democrats NOW.

Join us on September 28th at 5pm Pacific/8p Eastern for Blue Cheese, a Zoom party featuring Resistance Hero Ben Wikler, Chair of the Wisconsin Democratic Party, and Milwaukee’s own folk rockers Dead Horses! And help launch our all-important Wisconsin voter drives!

Why Wisconsin Matters

Just 20,682 votes tilted Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes to Biden instead of Trump.

Gov. Tony Evers beat Republican Scott Walker by just 29,227 votes. 

Wisconsin was pivotal to saving America, and Wisconsin is still in play. Trump-worshiping Ron Johnson’s Senate seat is ready for us to flip, with an October poll showing President Joe Biden doing well among Wisconsin voters, and his handling of COVID-19 polling at 54%. Ron Johnson is polling at 35% approval.

We can win Wisconsin, but only if we can register new Democrats NOW. 

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