Help Biden Voters in Pennsylvania Make Voting Plans!

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CTC volunteers train for Safety-First deep canvassing in Pennsylvania.

A couple of weeks ago, when the NY Times covered CTC’s Safety-First canvass, we were the only ones out there knocking on doors in Pennsylvania. Last week, we were glad to see the Biden campaign launch its own canvassing efforts, aiming to put the safety of communities first. 

It was clear to us months ago that launching our Safety-First canvass was a top priority because it would have the biggest impact. Each weekend that we go out, we meet more and more voters who are happy and eager to talk to us. 

CTC volunteers train for Safety-First deep canvassing in Pennsylvania.

What’s more, this week we launched our early voting Get Out the Vote effort. Our canvassers are trained not only to have full conversations, but to make voting plans with these voters. By the time you read this, many of the voters we spoke to will have already voted! What are you doing to help get Pennsylvania voters voting?

We believe that knocking on doors and having in-person, deep canvassing conversations with voters is the most effective way to win the White House. And we only have one month left! 

The time is now. Join us in Pennsylvania on a Saturday or Sunday (or both!) in October. It’s the best way to channel your anxiety about the election. And unlike the President, we are wearing masks and observing social distancing guidelines.

Sign up for a briefing about our safety protocols, and then make a plan to get to PA to deep canvass with us.  Or sign up for a phone canvass, because every conversation we have makes a difference. See Upcoming Events below for all the details.


CTC is as committed to stopping Donald Trump as we are to stopping the spread of Covid. Nothing is as effective as in-person deep canvassing. That’s why we’ve created a special Safety-First Canvassing system. 

If you’re interested joining us in the field…

  1. First, sign up for a Safety First Door-to-Door Briefing
  2. Next, sign up for a Story Workshop
  3. Then sign up for a Canvass

Safety First Briefings
We’ll discuss why this moment calls for such action, review clips of real conversations from recent Safety-First Canvasses, outline our required safety protocols and procedures, and provide your next steps to get involved with CTC.
Fri., Oct. 9, 7:00pm EDT OR Mon., Sept. 12, 4:30pm EDT

Story Workshop
We’ll review our safety protocols, discuss what makes a good deep canvassing story, and practice the script… all in a mask. 
Wed., Oct.7, 6:30pm EDT  OR Thurs., Oct. 8, 6:30pm EDT

Door-to-Door Canvass
You’re ready to knock on doors in PA! There’s no better time to get off the sidelines and join our ground-breaking effort. 
Sat., Oct. 10, 11am-4:30pm
Sun., Oct. 11, 11am-4:30pm


Another effective way to engage voters is through our already existing relationships. Whether it’s reaching out to Pennsylvanians we think are at risk of not voting, or at risk of not being registered to vote by mail, or even just at risk of not using their own networks of relationships, reaching out to people we know is another proven way to make an impact. Do you know anyone in Pennsylvania – even one person? Join us to use Deep Canvassing to reach the people we’re most connected to and make sure they vote this November!

Engage with voters through storytelling and deep conversation. We are now offering two different calling groups, known as veteran and rookie pods, in order to give you an ADDITIONAL 75 MINUTES on the dialer if you have been a consistent CTC phone canvasser!



Our top priorities are clearly reaching voters in person and on the phone, but there are many other volunteer opportunities for those unwilling or able to do voter outreach. A lot of work is involved in supporting our efforts to reach infrequent voters. If you are able to volunteer full-time in Pennsylvania, or you want to get involved in other ways, please be sure to participate in an info session, and please email

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