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Welcome to CTC’s newsletter. A quick read to keep informed about our work—and how to get involved. 

Note: This email comes from CTC For Progress, the new 501(c)(4) organization coordinating all our activities

Our canvassers are already out on turf, doing whatever it takes to connect!

No more Ketanji Jacksons?!? Most Americans cheered the first black female Justice.  But Lindsey Graham fumed—and said that if his party regains a Senate majority, they’ll block any Biden nominees like her. Well, we can’t say he didn’t warn us … 

Remember 2020’s victory jubilation? The fight for justice is far from over. CTC works every day, and every year, to reconnect people with their democratic power.  Join us to canvass, soon!


The US Senate holds the key to passing legislation (and confirming judges!) that will protect our health, our environment, and our rights … 

An open seat in PA holds the key to power in the US Senate … 


And Philadelphia voters hold the key to winning that open Senate seat.

That’s why CTC canvassers are already pounding the pavement. We’re especially focused on 100,000+ registered voters right on our turf who didn’t go to the polls in 2020.  Deep canvassing has proven to be effective at motivating voters like these.
We canvassed in March and April, and we’re canvassing May 1—all before primaries on 5/17 decide the candidates for November. That’s because it takes time to build up our deep-canvassing muscles … it takes time to knock on thousands of doors … and it takes time to help voters understand we care, and realize that politics can make a difference to them.

Each Sunday that we meet at Philly’s Haitian Center, there’s a dynamic mix of canvass veterans, newcomers, Philadelphians, out-of-towners, students, retirees and more. One of our newest is Kirsten Britt, an activist and minister-in-training who learned of deep canvassing from Rev. Donna Jones at Cookman Beloved Baptist Church.

Out on turf, Kirsten heard from an educator eager to make her voice heard, but whose three jobs would keep her from waiting in line to vote. Kirsten was thrilled to inform the young woman about Vote by Mail, and signed her up on the spot! 

Now Kirsten is spearheading an emerging partnership between CTC and Cookman Beloved, a West Philly church deeply involved in community. We’re excited to train neighbors and local activists in deep canvassing, and to keep putting down real roots in Philadelphia.  


Sign up for our next canvass on May 1! 
Don’t sit at home fretting at home about the state of our democracy. Sign up for our May 1 canvass (with a story workshop the Thursday before). You’ll feel like part of the solution—because you are!  

New to CTC and Deep Canvassing?  Start here!
Info Sessions are a great online introduction to CTC’s philosophy and methods, and where you fit in.  Sign up for the next one, 4/20 at 7:30pm.

Become a CTC Star! 
Canvassing 5 days in the coming months make you a CTC Rock Star.  Ten days makes you an All Star!  Committing now feels great and helps CTC grow. Email with your thoughts, and we’ll call you to make a plan. (If you want to help in other ways, let us know too!)  

Help us hire a new organizer! 
We’re seeking another Philly-based organizer to work on recruitment, outreach, and more. Do you know someone good at motivating people to get involved? Share this job announcement with them … or with friends who might know someone!


CTC remains committed to getting, and giving, the best safety advice possible.  With guidance from Prof. Diane Abatemarco of Jefferson University, we’ve recently removed some hurdles to our work—while still keeping canvassers and voters COVID-free. You can find our latest guidelines on the homepage of CTC For Progress.  

In this section, the Communications Team recommends a few thought-provoking links to read or watch.

Why is Donald Trump so interested in Pennsylvania?  Because he knows that the pivotal race for US Senate is a tossup … and that whoever wins the Governor’s race will decide if “Big Lie” conspiracy theories can skew the results of that election.    
Despite fierce opposition, workers are forming unions at Starbucks and Amazon.  President Biden wants to make the most of this historic moment.  

Florida’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill has drawn a lot of justifiable attention.  But similar battles are raging in Pennsylvania.  Earlier this year, the Chambersburg City Council repealed an LGBTQ+ anti-discrimination ordinance.  And a “Don’t Say Gay”-style bill that passed the PA State Legislature was only stopped by Gov. Thomas Wolf’s veto.  

For Jazz Appreciation Month, we’re highlighting a song! It’s based on a timeless, inspiring message from civil-rights giant Ella Baker:  “We who believe in freedom cannot rest.”  

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