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The news about Roe v. Wade has many of us reeling. And I’m sorry to say, there are probably more awful decisions headed our way on guns, discrimination in health care, and state-funded religious education.

It’s easy, and understandable, to feel powerless in the face of this onslaught. But we’re not powerless.

Elections got us into this mess. The anti-choice SCOTUS majority—including Kavanaugh, Barrett, and Gorsuch—is there because Republicans controlled the Senate from 2016-2020. With Democrats in the majority, we get justices like Ketanji Brown Jackson.

But can elections get us out of this mess? Yes! Here are two concrete ways November’s midterms in Pennsylvania will make a big difference:

Both these elections, for governor and senator, will be close—decided by thousands, not millions, of votes.  

And that’s where you come in. Deep canvassing is the most effective tool for motivating voters. Philly neighborhoods where CTC works are home to 100,000+ unlikely voters; they’re registered, but won’t go to the polls this November without personal encouragement. You can help motivate them, and in the process you can help change history.

Sign up now for our May 23rd “Mobilizing for Democracy” Kickoff!  We’ve been canvassing for months, but now it’s all-hands-on-deck time. We’ll describe our strategic plan from here to November and help you figure out where you fit in.

Just last weekend, we canvassed Omar, a young black man. He started out “only 50-50” on voting. But Marcos (a young Philly volunteer) got Omar talking about cooking with his grandmother … and about how voting connects to the people we love. By the end, Omar promised he would “definitely vote—100%!” “It’s as if no one ever had this kind of conversation with him before,” Marcos said.  “He clearly appreciated his vote being taken so seriously.” 

Sign up today to make a difference yourself. Your personal involvement will have a greater impact than the millions political professionals spend on ad buys, polling, and text banking.  Not only are those less persuasive to voters, they also don’t build ongoing connections or empower neglected communities the way deep canvassing can.  

Of course, reproductive rights isn’t all that’s at stake. GOP candidates in PA have vowed to do away with gun permits. Several appeared at a far-right Christian conference promoting QAnon and conspiracy theories about 9/11 and JFK. One candidate told Breitbart, “We need to return to the Trump policies that worked” at the Mexican border.  

Meanwhile, PA Republicans have wasted taxpayer dollars on sham “election reviews,” while refusing to allocate the funds needed to run elections and removing ballot drop boxes from government buildings.

Only we can save our democracy, and now is the time.  This quote (from legal analyst Dahlia Lithwick) really hit home for me: 




We’re fighting back, now. Please join the fight on May 23.

Adam Barbanel-Fried

P.S. Other ways you can help:

1. Sign up to canvass on the bottom of our webpage: https://ctc4progress.org/https://ctc4progress.org/

2. Give money (every bit helps! And bigger bits help more!

3. Tell your friends about CTC!

4. We’re looking for volunteers who can help with logistics, data entry, and other projects!

5. Live in the Philly area? We’re looking for community housing to host out-of-town volunteers.

P.P,S Think this is only a matter for Pennsylvanians and you should mind your own business? Republicans don’t! Three GOP Senate candidates moved to PA to spend millions campaigning in the presidential battleground. Huge sums are being raised from out-of-state donors. Let’s face it: this election affects all our lives. We have every right to tell voters why it matters, and encourage them to use their power to make change!

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