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Welcome to The Deep Canvasser, CTC’s newsletter. A quick read to keep informed about our work—and how to get involved. 


We helped elect a judge … State courts play a key role in PA election disputes. So this fall we canvassed for Democratic judges … and helped flip a seat blue. Lori Dumas, the first person of color on the Commonwealth Court, won by just 0.5%. Every vote—and every canvass—counts!

Introducing a deep canvassing non-profit … CTC started as a Political Action Committee. But reconnecting potential voters with democracy isn’t inherently partisan. So please welcome CTC Inc., a new Philly-based non-profit. Find out more below, and at


2021 was an “off-off” year: no presidential election, no midterms. But the gerrymanderers, Capitol-stormers, and Big Liars didn’t rest.  And at CTC, we know the fight for democracy can never take a year off.  

So we made good use of the past 12 months. Here are some highlights: 

  • We ran an evaluation canvass and crunched data from 2020. Our work had a major and memorable impact, especially for infrequent voters.  
  • We reorganized our leadership, and created three new teams: Communications, Priority Recruiting, and Racial Equity + Inclusion (RE+I).
  • We hired new staff members, based at our new office in Philly.
  • We’ve raised funding for all that: we’re on track to raise $275,000 this year, with ¾ of the donations under $200.

And we canvassed. We recruited, trained, and organized seven canvass days for the November 2 state judicial elections. Priority Recruitment found new volunteers via community organizations … RE+I trained leaders to recognize and respond to micro-aggressions.  

North Philly welcomed us. Neighbors thanked us for highlighting an election even motivated voters weren’t aware of. One volunteer re-met two people she’d canvassed the previous fall, to the delight of all. We found residents interested in learning to canvass. One person told a phone-banker they never thought voting mattered—till CTC came to their door.  

We made connections, and turned out votes. And now, Lori Dumas is sitting on the appellate bench thanks to 20,000 votes more than her GOP opponent. It’s the only seat that flipped parties this election cycle.  


This November is a crucial election, with US House and Senate majorities (plus key state positions) at stake. It’s a very heavy lift for Democrats, due to historical midterm swings and GOP gerrymandering.  

But Pennsylvania is a potential 2022 bright spot—it has the only open Senate seat currently held by the GOP. In other words, it’s Democrats’ best shot at gaining a Senate vote. And Cook’s rates the race a toss-up.  

For the next half-year, huge energy and money will be wasted betting on candidates’ charisma and spin. But CTC will stay laser-focused on what’s really important, and effective: on-the-ground organizing and canvassing. 

Deep canvassing motivates people the pundits write off as “unlikely voters.” With hard work and steady commitment, we can reconnect them with voting, build an electorate that’s more inclusive, and shift the power balance towards true democracy.
We hope you’ll join us. Read on to find out how!

Join for one or all!

Please join the new CTC Inc.!
It’s a new 501(c)(3) non-profit that uses deep canvassing to strengthen democracy and promote social & economic justice. Click here to find out more, sign up for the mailing list (even if you’re already on the PAC’s mailing list), and donate!  

Find out what deep canvassing is all about!
Info Sessions are a great online introduction to CTC’s philosophy and methods, and where you fit in. Sign up for the next one, 12/15 at 7:30pm.

Learn CTC’s plans for 2022!
On January 20 from 7:30-9:30pm, we’re hosting an online Update and Call to Action for experienced CTCers. Sign up here to do your part this year!

And let’s go canvass!
It’s not too soon to put the first canvass of 2022 on your calendar: Sunday, January 30.  We want to muster a crew of 20-30 people. Email to let us know you’re in!

In this section, the Communications Team recommends a few thought-provoking links to read or watch.

With Roe’s overthrow looking likely, the Inquirer says abortion rights in PA will hinge on two close races in 2022: for the US Senate, and for the Governor’s mansion.    

This Atlantic piece about gaps in PA’s system of election inspectors, highlights the wider stakes:  “Upcoming elections in Pennsylvania will—as much if not more than those in any other state—determine which party controls Congress and who wins the presidency.” 

And here’s an uplifting story about Lori Dumas, the appellate judge our canvassing just helped elect.  She’s a compassionate innovator on the bench.   

DemCast is an advocacy-based 501(c)4 nonprofit. We have made the decision to build a media site free of outside influence. There are no ads. We do not get paid for clicks. If you appreciate our content, please consider a small monthly donation.

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