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Welcome to CTC’s newsletter. A quick read to keep informed about our work—and how to get involved. 

Note: This email comes from CTC For Progress, the new 501(c)(4) organization coordinating all our activities

The wards we canvass have more than enough voters to swing a statewide election.

Voting rights stalled … 2020 saw record turnout despite the pandemic. To some that’s a threat, and they’ve doubled down on restrictions.  And the Senate has failed to act. But we know our canvassing motivates voters to overcome obstacles—and builds power for true voting-rights legislation.

Let’s get back to the doors! CTC has laid out an ambitious calendar for canvassing that can make a huge difference in the midterms. You can be part of that difference, starting Sunday February 13 …  sign up now!  

Once again in 2022, Pennsylvania is the place to be in national politics. 

Along with a key governor’s race, PA has an open US Senate seat.  And the elections are expected to be close … which means that every vote—and every canvass—will count. 

So CTC’s work could have a big impact.  Here’s a quick breakdown: 

How close will it be? Recent statewide races have hinged on about 1% of votes tallied … which means this midterm election could be decided by 29,000 votes or less!

Where are the votes? In the wards we canvass, 80% of eligible voters are already registered.  But most them don’t vote.  So on our turf are 115,000 registered voters just waiting for motivation to go to the polls. That’s four times the expected margin of victory.  

How do we reach enough voters? Deep canvassing persuades unmotivated voters like nothing else. So starting February 13, we’ll be out every month … then every week … then every day. And we need every volunteer to help.  Can you be a CTC Rock Star (5 canvasses in the coming months)? Or an All Star (10 canvasses)?? With enough volunteers, we can complete nearly 10,000 conversations.  That’s our goal—sign up to do your part!

CTC remains committed to getting, and giving, the best safety advice possible.  Our new safety advisor is Diane Abatemarco, Chief of Pediatric Population Health Research at Jefferson University in Philadelphia.  Prof. Abatemarco is helping determine canvass protocols, and even holding office hours to address individual questions, March 16 at noon and 5pm.

And here’s the good news: COVID numbers are declining throughout metro Philly. The worst of the surge seems to be over. We’ll adjust our protocols accordingly; we should be able to remove some hurdles to canvassing, while still keeping everyone safe.  Watch this page for the latest.


Sign up for our Kickoff Canvass Feb. 13! 
It’s time to get back to the doors, reconnecting voters—and yourself—to what democracy is all about.  Our first canvass is Sunday, Feb. 13 in North Philly (with a story workshop the Thursday before). Sign up here and let’s start with a bang!  

New to CTC and Deep Canvassing?  Start here!
Info sessions are a great online introduction to CTC’s philosophy and methods, and where you fit in. Sign up for the next one, 2/23 at 7:30pm.

Make your commitment for this year!
Are you a “Rock Star” who can canvass at least 5 days in the coming months? Or an “All Star” who can canvass 10 days?!?  Committing now feels great and helps CTC plan. Email with your thoughts, and we’ll call you to make a plan. (If you want to help in other ways, let us know too!)  

Donations are always welcome!
And now they’re tax-deductible! It’s easy: just go to We appreciate whatever you can give.  

In this section, the Communications Team recommends a few thought-provoking links to read or watch.

Amid the furor over book bans in Tennessee and Texas, don’t forget that it almost happened in Pennsylvania, too—until students, teachers and parents organized to fight back.

This piece from Vox explains why voting-rights protections failed in the US Senate … and what that bodes for other progressive legislation if the power dynamics don’t shift.  

It’s hard to believe the presidential inauguration was just over a year ago.  Youth Poet Laureate Amanda Gorman just wrote a stirring piece about overcoming her fears to speak that day :  “Hope isn’t a promise we give. It’s a promise we live.”

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