A Burning Lawn Sign Won’t Silence This Candidate

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I’m running for Missouri State Representative and I need you to read this article. Saturday evening while my family slept, someone came onto my property, took the Biden/Harris sign that I had in my front yard up to my porch, lit it on fire and left it to burn. My family is fine.

They can burn my lawn signs, call me a “libtard” or “socialist,” lie about who I am and what I care about and it won’t matter. I will not be silenced. I will not be scared into submission and I won’t give up.

I already have replaced the Biden/Harris sign in my yard, and added more candidates I support. In November, after I have contacted every single voter in my district and my community, I will be elected as a new member of the Missouri House of Representatives.

A little intimidation will not stop me and it will not stop those who are fighting back against the hatred and division that is tearing this country apart. We knew attacks against candidates would be coming and we knew it would come at a cost. Arson is too much.

I am not getting angry, I am turning my disappointment into action. I am fighting back at the ballot box. I am calling on both my opponent, Phil Christofanelli @phlchristo, and my state senator, Bill Eigel @BillEigel, to denounce these dangerous acts by their supporters.

If they choose not to call out this behavior, their silence gives support to those people attacking all of our First Amendment rights.

That burned sign hangs in my office now. It energizes me more every time I see it. I will spend the next 49 days running this campaign on tolerance and sheer grit.

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