Missouri Needs Medicaid Expansion: Democrats Will Get the Job Done!

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Health Care Isn't a Luxury
Graphic by Julie Frontera

Dave Gragg is running for Missouri House of Representative in our 130th district, and he knows just how necessary Medicaid expansion is needed in our state. 

Missouri’s current government is a Republican Supermajority, and they do not work for all the people who they represent.  Not only did they decline to take the expansion, they DROPPED thousands off of Medicaid, including nearly 90,000 children. Close to 23,000 adults lost coverage too. 

There’s an eligibility gap, which means you have to earn less then x and more then y to qualify, and it’s a large gap.

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Via Kaiser Family Foundation.

Is dropping people, including children from Medicaid a recipe for horrible medical care? Yes! Crystal Quade, MO House Minority leader, thought so too. In June, Quade “wrote to Republican House Speaker Elijah Haahr… asking him to launch an investigation of the recent enrollment drop.”

Rural Hospitals are closing, and people aren’t seeking medical care for the common cold or the more serious conditions like mental health or addiction because they can’t afford it.

For now the Healthcare for Missouri coalition is collecting signature petitions in order to get Medicaid expansion on the ballot in November 2020, and the people WlLL vote yes.  However, until we get our Missouri Legislature filled with more Democrats, healthcare in Missouri is going to suffer.

Watch Dave Gragg explain why he’s so passionate about Missouri taking the expansion.  If you’re in his district, volunteer and vote to help him win this seat so Missouri can gain better representation for all of it’s citizens.

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