Here Come the Republicans

(to the tune of Here Comes Santa Claus)

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Graphic by Kelly Therese Pollock.

Here come Republicans, Here come Republicans
Down from Capitol Hill
McConnell, Collins, Rubio, Cotton,
They give us a chill.

We need a party, in the majority, to stand up for what’s right.
But just like Nixon, they’re not fixin’,
Anything without a fight.

Here come Republicans, Here come Republicans
Back from the Midterms
They were defeated, it was heated, which only reconfirms,
They used your power, to devour, all that we had done.

But they’re not   fooling-us, please stop ruling-us.
We’re so glad that we won.

What’s with Republicans, they seem crazy,
Have they lost their minds?
They care for the rich and not the poor, They screw us every time.

Their corporate greed will not succeed, it’s terribly unfair.
To give their donors so much money, and take away our healthcare. 

There go Republicans, We can beat them,
Just give us some time.
They took our country to the brink, they’re Trump’s partners-in-crime.

Don’t crawl in bed, don’t cover your head, This is no time to rest. 
Come join the fight, join us that’s right, this is a fun protest.

Here come the Democrats, Here come the Democrats
Soon they’ll take the reins.
They’ll stop the insanity and bring back humanity, to all that remains

Of our system, and we’ll assist ‘em, to fight for all of our rights.
We will defeat ‘em, and unseat ‘em,
The GOP parasites.

Graphic by Kelly Therese Pollock.

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Watch for more carols to come in the next few days.
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