Lookin’ Around Trump’s Presidency

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(Sung to the tune of Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree)

Lookin’ around Trump’s presidency
For some new signs of light.
We’re living through a calamity,
That we’ve just begun to fight.

We’ve elected, some new officials.
Who have given us some hope.
We had a blue wave, that we hope will save
The country from this dope.


We will get a chance to vote again, next year.
Voters thinking, let’s stop sinking,
Find another Abraham Lincoln.

We won the midterms, made the GOP squirm,
What a happy election day.
Unfortunately, we’re still up a tree.
Trump’s fam-il-y‘s foul play.

There are so many crimes, like a million times,
They colluded and they lied.
At least GOP reps., like Devin Nunes
Had their power nullified.


Poor Michael Cohen, he’s going alone.
He’s ratted out his old boss.
Could this be the end, are we ‘round the bend?
Can we toss this albatross?

It’s all up to us, to keep making a fuss,
Until Republicans are done.
And the Trump family, will all have to flee,
We’ll get them one-by-one!

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