FACT CHECK: Rubio Voted Against Funding For Florida Law Enforcement; Venezuelan-American Leaders Blast Rubio For Failing To Support Voting Rights Legislation

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FACT CHECK: Marco Rubio Voted Against Funding For Florida Law Enforcement

Rubio’s vote against the American Rescue Plan was a vote against pay bonuses for Florida police 

Marco Rubio can’t run from his vote against billions of dollars for state and local governments that have helped fund police departments across the country, including over $200 million in Florida used to give pay bonuses to Florida first responders and law enforcement. 
“Marco Rubio fought tooth and nail against critical funding that Florida police departments need to keep people safe. Try as he might to cover that up, Floridians won’t forget that Marco Rubio put his political agenda ahead of our state’s first responders and police officers,” said Florida Democratic Party spokesperson Grant Fox. 
The American Rescue Plan provided $350 billion to bolster state and local governments, and guidance from the White House encouraged local officials to use the funding to hire more law enforcement officers and invest in new equipment to help officers better respond to violent crime. Before voting against the ARP, Rubio attacked it as “irresponsible” and “ridiculous.”  

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Venezuelan-American Leaders From Florida Blast Marco Rubio For Failing To Support Voting Rights Legislation

Last week, after lying about efforts to make it harder to vote in Florida and attacking efforts to restore provisions of the bipartisan Voting Rights Act as “ridiculous,” Marco Rubio voted against critical legislation to protect voting rights, ban partisan gerrymandering, and shine a light on dark money in elections.
In response, Venezuelan-American leaders from across Florida released the following statement slamming Rubio for undermining the push for democracy in their home country with his failure to support voting rights legislation:

“Across Latin America, and especially in Venezuela, millions of people look to America as an example of freedom and democracy. As Venezuelans suffer under a brutal dictatorship, it’s no coincidence that many have fled to America, where the right to vote and participate in a democracy is a fundamental part of the American promise of opportunity for all.
“Senator Marco Rubio is working to undermine this promise by opposing efforts to protect and expand voting rights. Spreading democracy and freedom starts at home, and it begins with protecting the right to vote in America. It is essential that the United States continues to serve as a beacon of hope for millions struggling for democracy across the globe, but unfortunately that status is under threat. Republican politicians are supporting new laws to make it more difficult to cast a ballot, and Senator Rubio has selfishly attacked efforts to protect voting rights to score political points for his own self-serving agenda.
“Marco Rubio’s failure to stand up to protect Americans’ fundamental right to vote is a betrayal of American values that have inspired Venezuelan immigrants like us. If Rubio won’t support democracy in the United States, his pledge to stand for democracy in Latin America shamefully rings hollow.”
Liz Rebecca Alarcon, Founder and Executive Director, Pulso
Hector Garcia Arcaya, U.S. Veteran
Luis Atencio, youth activist and community leader
Samantha Barrios, anti-gun violence activist
Virginia Brown, Founder and Director, Warm Welcoming Arms
Antonio Crespo, medical doctor
Adrian Delgado, President, Miami-Dade Young Dems
William Diaz, Founder and President, Casa de Venezuela Orlando
Karen Dommar, activist and advocate for immigrant education and LGBTQ+ rights
Kristelly Estanga, Tallassee resident
Ade Ferro, Director, Venezuelan American Caucus
Jose Gamboa, youth leader and LGBTQ+ activist
Cecilia Gonzalez, immigrants’ rights activist 
Eleazar Guevara, small business owner
Pepe Jordan-Gutierrez, youth leader
Soraya Marquez, State Director, Mi Familia Vota
Oswaldo Muñoz, business owner
Virginia Celli Olivo, South Florida leader
Maria Puerta Riera, political science professor
Elias Rosenfeld, immigrants’ rights activist 
Samuel Vilchez Santiago, Board Member, Venezuelan American Caucus
Giulianna Di Laura Velez, State Director, Poder Latinx
Christine Vivas, South Florida leader
Jose Vivas, South Florida leader

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