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What Illinois Reps are Tweeting about Impeachment

Below are the most recent tweets about impeachment we could find from official Congressional Twitter accounts for each representative in Illinois. Like what your rep says about impeachment? Be sure to reply to the tweet with your support! Disagree? Let them know!

Bobby Rush, IL01, Democrat

Robin Kelly, IL02, Democrat

Dan Lipinski, IL03, Democrat

Chuy García, IL04, Democrat

Mike Quigley, IL05, Democrat

Sean Casten, IL06, Democrat

Danny Davis, IL07, Democrat

Raja Krishnamoorthi, IL08, Democrat

Jan Schakowsky, IL09, Democrat

Brad Schneider, IL10, Democrat

Bill Foster, IL11, Democrat

Mike Bost, IL12, Republican

Rodney Davis, IL13, Republican

Lauren Underwood, IL14, Democrat

Rep. Underwood has not tweeted about how she will vote on the article of impeachment, but she did support the inquiry.

John Shimkus, IL15, Republican

John Shimkus does not have an active Twitter account. His account has been dormant since April 2018.

Adam Kinzinger, IL16, Republican

We could not find any tweets by Adam Kinzinger about impeachment. If you see one, please send the link to

Cheri Bustos, IL17, Democrat

We could not find any tweets by Cheri Bustos about impeachment. If you see one, please send the link to

Darin LaHood, IL18, Republican

If you find tweets from reps we haven’t included, please send the links, and we will update this post.

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