‘Twas the Night Before Impeachment

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Graphic by Marcie.

‘Twas the night before Impeachment, when all through the House, All the Democrats were stirring to get rid of that louse.

The hearings were held, to get all of the facts, We all saw Jim Jordan over-react.

The diplomats testified to all that they saw, Upholding our system, of due process of law.

Yovanovitch, Vindman, Taylor, and Kent, Told the world the truth about our president.

Graphic by Cris Palomino

And how ‘bout that patriot, Fiona Hill? With that beautiful accent, going in for the kill.

Graphic by BebopJ

Trump tweeted; he tried to tamper with witnesses, Which only confirmed his blatant unfitnesses.

Graphic by Cris Palomino

Here’s what he says, it’s pathetic, it’s sad, It’s hard to believe that it’s gotten this bad:

“It’s a witch hunt!,” Trump said, “Fake news, no collusion!” “The Democrats have come to a foregone conclusion.

“Investigate Joe, and his terrible kid, If you want to know where all the corruption is hid.

“There was no quid pro quo, that phone call was perfection! So why all the fuss? Why so much objection?

Graphic by Cris Palomino

“The whistleblower is just out to get me, I’d get my hands on him, if Schiff would just let me.

“Did you see those three lawyers from Ivy League Schools? Quoting Madison and Hamilton, those ridiculous fools!

Graphic by Cris Palomino

“I miss Robert Mueller. He was so compliant, I love how Pompeo has been so defiant.

“Now Sondland! Now Rudy! Now Parnes and Fruman, Will they all turn on me? Are they that kind of human?

Graphic by Cris Palomino

“At least I still have my friend Vladimir Putin. My most loyal comrade, with whom I’m colludin’.

“I’m safe in the White House. I can still obstruct justice. I’ll beat this impeachment, Pelosi can’t bust us.

Graphic by Cris Palomino

“So I’m not at all worried. I have no concerns…  Except for that matter of my tax returns.”

Graphic by Cris Palomino

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  1. Mitch McConnell and Lindsey Graham need to be charged and removed from the Senate trial, as they have demonstrated their bias and disrespect for the constitution and their oaths of office, notwithstanding their public statements that have been purposely used to influence a Senate trial adversely, which undermines the ability of the Senate to conduct a fair trial. Our Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell, made a prejudicial announcement that President Trump will not be removed from office as a result of a forthcoming Senate trial. This draws a conclusion before a trial, and represents a decision made without examination of the facts. Moreover, it is arbitrary, capricious, and improperly influences public opinion to the detriment of democracy as we know it.

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