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Start Me Up: Proud Resister Ryan Knight

Ryan Knight is the host of the Amped Up podcast and he's a fierce progressive activist. While Ryan is a dedicated Liz supporter, he is voting and fighting for whoever becomes the Democratic nominee.

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Iowa First Night Disinfo Madness

What is one thing we knew for sure? That whatever results would ensue from Iowa primary caucus night, disinformation would run rampant. We've seen it in the debates.


It’s Presidential Primary Time

With the 2020 elections underway, check out Vote Save America for everything you need to get informed about the presidential race - from registering to vote to primary dates, delegate counts and


Utah: Are you ready for the Primary?

For the first time in over 10 years, Utah will be holding a primary in the Presidential elections. Registered Democrats, look for your ballot in the mail starting the 2nd week in

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