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Fallujah Taught Me: Rebuilding Starts With Listening

Dear Friends and Supporters, Former Secretary of State and Marine veteran George Shultz likened diplomacy to gardening. I have always liked that imagery and metaphor. Politicking across Utah’s vast 2nd Congressional district is


A Working Candidate — My Day Job

Dear Friends and Supporters, I am often asked “how is the campaign going?” by voters in the district and by family and friends living far away.  Unsurprisingly, COVID has forced our campaign to


Voting is a Right — It’s a Duty

Dear Friends and Supporters, Fifty-five years ago President Lyndon B. Johnson “signed into law the most sweeping voter rights protections the nation had ever seen.” The Voting Rights Act, which was amended five


Pretending to Care About National Unity

Dear Friends and Supporters, A quick campaign update based on a remarkable—and not in a good way—set of comments by my opponent, Chris Stewart. Yesterday, he appeared on a Zoom session sponsored


Issues that bridge the red-blue divide

Now that our campaign has covered over 3,000 miles across all 14 counties of CD2—a geographic area larger than some east coast states—the true potential, not just challenge, of this gerrymandered district


This is not a political game

Twenty Americans were killed in combat in Afghanistan in 2019, but it was not clear which killings were under suspicion … The intelligence finding was briefed to President Trump [in late March]…but

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