Activist Stephanie Hofeller endorses Steve Woodsmall

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February 07, 2020 (Asheville, NC) – Steve Woodsmall’s congressional campaign continues to show the ability to build political bridges and garner support as today it announces the endorsement of Stephanie Hofeller, activist and daughter of former GOP strategist, Thomas Hofeller. Stephanie – who is known for changing the course of NC politics when she shared a treasure trove of her father’s documents after his passing – released a statement this morning, which read in part:

A lifetime of experiences have left me with, well, a nasty taste in my mouth when it comes to the question of government. So, endorsing a political candidate might seem like an unexpected move for me. And yet, I am endorsing Steve Woodsmall for Congress…. It can be argued (and I’m going to argue it) that for you, North Carolina, here and now, any vote is a protest vote—a true and meaningful blow to a plan to seize unjust power….

Endorsing a political party is NOT what I want to do, so I’m not endorsing the DNC, or the caucus, or either party, or any party, on any level. I’m endorsing Steve Woodsmall, because I believe that his sense of right and wrong, won’t allow him to do things like, put the party before the people…no matter how convenient it might seem.

The endorsement of Stephanie Hofeller adds to a strong list of endorsements for Woodsmall for Congress including:
Erica Smith (NC Senator and US Senator Candidate), Gale Mull (Mayor Pro tem of Canton NC), Linda Wilkins-Daniels (Former President of the African American Caucus NCDP) and Hilary Johnson-Lutz, PhD and Major, USAF-Retired.

It also comes only a few days after new polling shows Steve Woodsmall with a sizeable lead on his Democratic opponents.

To read Stephanie’s full statement, visit

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Retired USAF officer, PhD in organization & management, former NCAA women's basketball official.
Candidate for Congress in the North Carolina 11th District.

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