Caucus Catch-Up!

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We spent four day in Southwest Iowa embedded with Iowa County Democratic Chairs. From them we learned about:

  • The structure and purpose of the Iowa Caucus. 
  • What changed since 2016. 
  • How long these volunteers trained to perform an accurate job the entire World was watching.
  • and about the catastrophic App failure that cast doubt on the hard work and efforts of the Iowa Democratic Party. 

Come with us as We unroll the 2020 Iowa Caucus,where there are some real winners in the form of volunteers and activists and some real losers in the form of disingenuous impatient media outlets and the twisted expectations from some of the candidates and their supporters. 

It’s a lot to unroll in 30 minutes. But in a 24 hour news cycle, spend a half hour with us! #Demcast 

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