Building a Blue Wave for November 2020

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Where is your enthusiasm level compared to what it was leading up to the midterms?

I’m genuinely curious where you are, so I hope you’ll leave a comment. On social media, I’m seeing a mix of things. On one hand, seeing Trump get acquitted (but not exonerated!) in the Senate was a real letdown. I’ve seen the same thing happen after some of the other big fights we lost, like Kavanaugh ending up on the Supreme Court.

But just like then, I feel like I am already seeing a bit of a pushback from voters. There have been some passionate responses along the lines of, “Just WATCH what we do at the polls!” Also, I was taken by surprise by how popular my post from yesterday was, when I declared that the only people left to save the country from devolving into a dictatorship is us. Before I logged off last night, it had already been shared over 7,000 times.

But then, the news out of Iowa was that turnout was only as good as it was in 2016, far short of the record turnout the caucuses saw back in 2008. I don’t have the exact numbers so I can’t compare to what the turnout was in 2018 for the midterms, but it did seem concerning. It then occurred to me that having a half a dozen candidates still in the running for president might be part of the issue. Not that there’s anything wrong with our candidates — I mean, as a friend of mine says, we’ll crawl over glass to vote for a can of soda over Trump — but more that there is uneasiness that we don’t have a clear nominee yet and it’s February of 2020.

I think it’s important to get folks across the board excited right now, though. Long before we may have a definitive nominee. And I think the way to do that is to focus on the down-ballot races. Look at how excited we were to vote for the midterms. There was no president being elected, yet we turned out in droves. The excitement around flipping the House was palpable. We all need to start being more excited and eager to talk about voting for amazing candidates up and down the ballot. The Senate, the House, and the state legislatures. We, the people, can drum up a lot of interest in voting in November and we can do it now. Not to mention the fact that these down ballot races are the positions that actually affect our lives more than the executive does.

Here’s one of the best down ballot election videos I’ve watched in ages. For the first third of the video, you might wonder why I’m recommending it, but once the tables get turned, you’ll get it. I feel jazzed about November 2020 watching it, and hope you will too. Let’s get to work.


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