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Madame Vice President Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris: The Vice President Our Country Needs

Four years ago, dreams of shattering glass ceilings by electing our first woman as president danced through so many of our heads. After Hillary Clinton received nearly three million more popular votes, the Electoral College defeat was crushing, but many

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Trump’s speech BACKFIRES

Immediately after Trump stepped off the stage, Democrats from all over the country took a stand – POURING IN gifts to help elect state Democrats.


Women for Biden: Daily Digest, August 26, 2020

69 Days Until Election Day Today is Women’s Equality Day! Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment #WomensEqualityDay Read: Senator Harris’s excellent Washington Post op-ed Voting is the best way to


Making History

Dear fellow Ohio Democrats, I woke up this morning feeling more hopeful than I have in far too long. Tonight, Kamala Devi Harris will make history as the first Black woman and


Save the USPS!

Trump confessed that he wouldn't agree to coronavirus relief was because it included funding for the post office. We need the Post Office to work.

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