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Madame Vice President Kamala Harris

Kamala Harris: The Vice President Our Country Needs

Four years ago, dreams of shattering glass ceilings by electing our first woman as president danced through so many of our heads. After Hillary Clinton received nearly three million more popular votes, the Electoral College defeat was crushing, but many

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You’re Invited to the Main Event!

This is a big week for Democratic women – three fantastic challengers are debating their Republican opponents THIS Wednesday and Friday!  Tomorrow at 6PM – Tune in for a debate double header beginning with Rep. Judy


Kamala Harris with Robin Andersen

On today’s episode, Nicholas Baham II (Dr. Dreadlocks), Janice Domingo, and Nolan Higdon host Fordam University’s Robin Andersen. Along The Line is a non-profit, education-based podcast that provides listeners with context and

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