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Independence Day

GIFs for a progressive, patriotic July 4th 🎉

 GIFs for the Fourth of July  We have so. many. GIFs. to help you celebrate the day. We have GIFs that lift up immigrants and people of color as the backbone of the USA… GIFs that showcase America’s diversity… GIFs

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Last week was a busy one in the news. New York prosecutors charged the Trump Organization and Chief Financial Officer Allen Weisselberg with a long-running scheme to avoid taxes. Rescue efforts on


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Yesterday, Donald Trump said – once again – that he thinks the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 will just “disappear.” Maybe – but not until it has infected every last person in


“One Nation, Under …” Duress

In the early morning hours of Independence Day 2020, I’ll be standing there, Old Glory in hand, wondering not which way is up, but how and when up became down. The Flag