GIFs for a progressive, patriotic July 4th 🎉

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 GIFs for the Fourth of July 


We have so. many. GIFs. to help you celebrate the day.

We have GIFs that lift up immigrants and people of color as the backbone of the USA…

Moving image of the United States with the phrase "Immigrants built America"
Image of a podium with a quote from MLK written on top. The phrase reads" In spite of the difficulties and frustrations of the moment, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American Dream"
A group of people holding up the phrase "Immigrants built America"

GIFs that showcase America’s diversity…

Picture of a dad in a veteran hat holding his son on his shoulders. The son is seen wearing a mask and holding the American flag
Image of a woman in a Statue of Liberty costume dancing in front of fireworks
Moving grpahic of a boy riding on the back of a bald eagle. Trailing behind them is the American flag as well as the phrase "Happy 4th of July" written above

GIFs that celebrate the essential workers who helped us through last year’s challenges…

Image of two women standing together. One is holding an American flag and the other is holding a flag that states "Thank you essential workers"
Image of a bandaid with an American flag design. Phrase on top reads "Thank you healthcare workers"
Moving picture of an arm with a bald eagle and American flag. Words on top read "proud to be vaccinated " and  "proud to be America"

… and so many more! And they’re all ready for you to use, to celebrate a day that belongs to all Americans. Explore the full collection, and find the perfect one for your Fourth of July celebrations:

Meet the Artist

Ari Bennett

Ari Bennett
Ari Bennett is a Brooklyn-based illustrator, animator, and maker-of-many-things. Playing with bright colors, she loves to represent BIPOC in beautiful, fun and lighthearted images. Find her on Instagram: @ari.b.jpeg

Plus: What’s more American than voting?

Today’s appalling Supreme Court decision in a major Arizona voting rights case makes it even more important than before for Congress to act and protect our Democracy. Use these GIFs to demand they pass the For the People Act, and protect our most basic freedom.

Flashing street sign that reads "pass the for the people act. Stop corruption"
Image of an audience in red, white, and blue. They are holding up the United States' flag wit the words "We all want integrity in our elections. Pass the For the People Act" written above
Cartoon image of a bill wearing a pin that says "HR1/S1". The bill stamps a phrase on the wall that states "Pass the For the People Act"

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