An Independence Day Like No Other

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Yesterday, Donald Trump said – once again – that he thinks the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19 will just “disappear.” Maybe – but not until it has infected every last person in the United States. Because Trump refused to use his presidential powers to impose a nationwide standard for combating the virus, we ended up witih a patchwork of various measures among the states. And because Trump only cares about his reelection, he pushed to open the economy too soon. The result is that the virus is surging: more than 100,000 new infections in the last two days, and many communities have cancelled their July 4 celebrations in an attempt to encourage Americans to STAY AT HOME for the holiday.

MOMocrats Karoli, Aliza Worthington, and Donna Schwartz Mills discuss the current virus situation in today’s Independence Day edition of the podcast, along with the mind-boggling revelation that this president continues to kowtow to Putin even after being briefed that Russia has been paying the Taliban bounties for killing American soldiers in Afghanistan… the progress of the 2020 campaign… and more.

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