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Homeland Reunion

A Reunion With The Cast And Crew of “Homeland”

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the show “Homeland,” folks. And now that we’re just 18 days away from the most consequential election of our lifetimes, I’m excited to share that the Ohio Dems and Michigan Dems

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Big Truman Dinner Announcement Coming Soon!

Photo by Nadia Valko via Unsplash Friends, We’ve got a big announcement just around the corner, so here’s your quick reminder that ticket holders are the first to find out who our special guest speaker


Convention Countdown!

August 2020  News and Updates The race for U.S. Congressional District 6 will be won in the rural counties … or lost. We are the difference! Help elect Jon Hoadley to represent Michigan’s 6th


A Night of Broadway Stars Supporting Field Team 6

Hi Friends, In just a few weeks, we’ll be joined by mega-talented Broadway stars including Tony Award-winners Laura Benanti, Andre DeShields, Jessie Mueller, and many, many more. We’ll also have a special