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Hi Indivisibles,

First, a quick reminder that our General Meeting is online TONIGHT, Monday November 30th from 7:00- 8:30pm.
Click on the Zoom link to join:

Last week, we asked our members of Congress to play hardball with the GSA director who was stalling the paperwork for the Biden transition. Since then, Democrats in the House refused to let her delay longer, and she’s finally allowed the transition to begin! This week we’ve got a different request for our Representative.

House of Representatives Rules need changing:
Right now, Democrats are negotiating the House rules for the new Congress. So we’d like our Representative to argue for eliminating the procedures that stop progress and that allow poison pill amendments (more details here). With a more closely divided House next year, this will be even more important. (Scroll down for an example script and contact links.)

Saturday virtual meet-up for the Georgia Senate races:
To find out more about what you can do from California to support Georgia Democrats, join us for this Saturday session. For the first half hour, we will go over a variety of actions available on our dedicated Georgia-only link tree. Then, you have the option of staying on Zoom for an additional 1.5 hours to work with us on a phonebank. Join us!

Sat., Dec. 5, 10amThe Zoom link is at

Text: Dancing Democrats of Davis present: Dancin' went down to Georgia. A virtual dance party and fund-raiser for Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof. Saturday December 5, 7-8:30 pm Pacific. Graphic is of the two candidates, the state of Georgia, and a disco ball.

Dance Party for Georgia: Saturday December 5th, 7-8:30pm

Join us to secure a U.S. Senate that will support appointments and legislation to help our country move forward! We know the alternative is a U.S. Senate led by Mitch McConnell whose primary goal will be obstruction of the Biden administration. 

Here are your basic dance steps:

  1. Give:
  2. Report what you donated in the tally sheet
  3. Come to the party! 7-8:30 Pacific on Saturday, December 5th. Use the Zoom link.

The details and Zoom link can be found at “DONATE: Dancing went down to Georgia” on

Thanks to the generous donors to our matching fund, donations will be matched one for one up to the first $11,000. Please give as soon as possible to get your money plus the match money in sooner rather than later. We understand that donations have more impact the earlier they are received.

Tell Rep. Garamendi: Eliminate PayGo, Budget Control Act and the Motion to Recommit rule, strengthen oversight powers

Sample Call Script:
Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I am a constituent from [CITY or zip code].
America faces enormous inter-related health, climate, and economic crises, all of which require bold and effective legislative action. New emergency programs must be swiftly enacted and the necessary funds appropriated. This requires changing House rules that have long been used to block essential measures essential for our health, safety, and the future welfare of our children. As my representative, I urge you to:

  • Eliminate the House PayGo rule.
  • Eliminate the House Motion to Recommit (MTR) rule.
  • Amend the rules so the House can enforce its subpoenas and compel testimony with fines

And as soon as feasible, I urge you to repeal the Budget Control Act. Thank you.

Background: more details can be found at the Indivisible SF chapter website here.

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