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Hi, it’s Wednesday, and this is going to be short because we need everyone to post emails and make calls to Feinstein and Harris, and then bug your friends who also have senators on the Judiciary Committee to do so too. Either side. (We’ve posted the list, along with contacts, to make identification easy.)

The more we read about butter-wouldn’t-dare-melt-in-my-mouth Amy Coney Barrett, the angrier we become. This morning, Michael Harriot of the Root posted the story behind today’s header…that she is capable of deciding that breathing is not a guaranteed right.

If this is the first time you’ve really thought about her, there a great article in the Hill today about originalism (no, it’s terrifying, not boring…) ( and the ever-vigilant Alliance for Justice folks have full reports on every aspect of her decision-making.

– We have a letter form to fill out here:

– A phone call to make to Senators Feinstein and Harris to ask them to shut down the quorum in the committee anyway they can. (2) sample scripts (

– And an email to Nancy Pelosi to stop the clock by impeaching the most-deserving Attorney General Barr.

– Then go on and leave messages/emails to senators that you expect them to do their duty to the Constitution, which they’ve sworn to serve, and “promote the General Welfare” (people needing food, housing and medical care during a pandemic) over building their own power structure on the Supreme Court. (2) sample scripts.

Today, Ojai’s Mandala event is open from 1pm – 5pm. “No artistic experience or skill is needed, just a desire and willingness to participate. This is an all-ages FREE event.”

Special GOTV activities for today!

WEDNESDAY 5:30-6:30 p.m. COMEDY NIGHT FUNDRAISER for Christy Smith. Use this link to RSVP. Cost is $25.00 minimum donation. Let’s help get Christy over the finish line!!

WEDNESDAY 7pm: Virtual Get Out the Vote Rally with Congressman Ted Lieu, Christy, and other special guests!

WEDNESDAY GOTV for Ramirez, and Elect Democrats.

Please. Get the “no-to-Amy” stuff done ASAP, and then put your righteous energy into GOTV to make sure someone like her doesn’t show up looking for a Supreme Court gig for a very long time.

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