Want a Biden/Harris Yard Sign?

Do you want a Biden/Harris Lawn Sign? We’re about to finish delivering 1,000 yard signs across Oakland County this weekend, and now we

Biden/Harris Lawn Signs!

Biden/Harris Lawn Signs! Want a Biden / Harris lawn sign? We are only printing up a small batch, so make your contribution today!

Six Days Left to Register to Vote

Friends, It’s hard to believe, but Wednesday, October 12 is the deadline to register to vote for this November’s Election. Click HERE to register to vote! We’ve got great candidates lined up and down the

selective focus photography of a mailbox

Why I’m Writing Postcards

Join Me Why I’m Writing Postcards I’m writing to Wisconsin citizens to get them registered. Please join me. Its powerful:My message is short: 27 words of which 20 are one syllable. I


Did You Miss the Friday Power Lunch?

Friends, On the September 30, 2022, Friday Power Lunch, we had a robust discussion about getting people of color to the polls and the distinct difference that makes in election outcomes, the


Early Voting Has Started

Last week, we textbanked to Wisconsin Democrats who requested an absentee/mail ballot to provide step-by-step instructions.  It was fun to provide help!  It was also delightful to find out many have already mailed their

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