Republican: “Definitely more difficult” for a Raped Woman to Get Pregnant

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Virginia HD-30

No, it’s not a joke. Virginia Del. Nick Freitas (HD-30) actually said that. Funny, yes? But his laughable ignorance of human biology is accompanied by a chilling capacity to foster human suffering — as reported by Lowkell at Blue Virginia

Freitas is currently running against Annette Hyde, who introduced herself to the Daily Kos community here.

Annette Hyde is running a solid campaign to eject Freitas from the General Assembly on Nov. 2. Help her in that worthy effort if you can!

To wit:

  • It’s more difficult for a woman to become pregnant as the result of rape.
  • 98% of abortions are abortions of convenience” and we have to “hammer them on that.”

Freitas is clearly channeling Todd Akin circa 2012. (Remember how the female body tries to “shut that whole thing down” in the case of “a legitimate rape”?) While Freitas spends a great deal of energy bloviating about how government gets its power via punishment (he’s apparently never heard of “consent of the governed”), somehow things are different when it comes to women, whom he wants to “hammer.”

Let’s help Annette Hyde “shut that whole thing down.” Make sure this man never again can use the power of the state to victimize women. 

This article originally appeared in the Daily Kos.

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