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Yesterday morning we hit a milestone. For the first time in 15 months, a group of volunteers met up in Orange County, CA to register Democrats in person. Some were veterans, some newbies, all fully vaxxed and relaxed, all wearing liberal-looking t-shirts and masks (as per current Field Team 6 guidelines). How deeply moving to get to work with – and to hug! – some of our original SoCal Resistance heroes. And how inspiring that new volunteers are rising to meet this moment!  The purpose of this pilot drive was to begin to answer some huge questions. Where are the new best high-traffic areas? What new conversation starters work, now that we can’t use “Can you help me save the world from Trump?” And most important: is the public ready for us?  We found some colleges closed, some open. Same with courthouses. Parking lots for big box stores were extremely helpful. Actually getting out there is the only way to find this out. And this intel will inform our next drives.  We tried out a whole new batch of conversation starters. “Excuse me miss, can you help me fight racism?” “Hello sir, can you help make sure Trump never comes back?” The most effective turned out to be: “Can I register you as a Democrat to help save the world?” And when it came to the biggest question, the answer was unequivocal. People are ready to talk to us. Despite our worst nightmares, it seems Covid has not irreparably damaged the fabric of society. People did not recoil from us in fear. People treated us like human beings, not like disease vectors. Some are even starved for human contact. (Like we are!) And multiple people thanked us yesterday for being out there. This is the best news we could possibly get. We will of course continue our incredibly helpful postcarding, social media storms, text banks, and phone banks. And this means that as soon as it’s safe in each of our swing states, we can again reboot our original specialty: registering Democrats in person! 



Have you been dreaming of leading your own in-person voter drive, as soon as it’s safe? Do you want the process to be clear and easy and fun? Do you want to learn all the Field Team 6 tips and tricks for registering swing state Democrats? SWEET!! That’s what we want too! That’s why we’re creating Voter Drive in a Box – everything you need to know to lead your own in-person voter drive and save the world. Watch the new video shot by FT6 Media Team volunteers Geoff Schaaf and edited by David Zorn HERE. And click HERE to see how far along we are in putting together your favorite battleground’s box. It’s a work in progress, but we’re moving fast to finish ’em. If you want to help push it along, click HERE!



Field Team 6 is thrilled to be in partnership with the Democratic Volunteer Center (DVC). The DVC has served as a super active volunteer mobilization organization since their founding in 2010, gaining recognition from both the Obama and Clinton campaigns. Originally based in Silicon Valley, with a goal of harnessing that region’s expertise, passion and resources to bolster Democrats, the DVC—like Field Team 6—has gone national. Together, we’ll be phone banking, texting, postcarding and generally making life difficult for anti-democracy Republicans across America. Learn more about the DVC, and how they can help you make a difference, right HERE.



Tonight’s the night, people! Join us at 5p PT as the vocal superstars of FuturamaPinky & The BrainRen & Stimpy, Adventure Time, Samurai Jack, and more, perform a raucous, live re-enactment of the most hilarious and/or awful remarks ever recorded… secretly or otherwise… by your favorite national leaders. (A term very loosely applied in some cases.) Moderated by David X. Cohen of TheSimpsons and Futurama fame, we’ll be featuring some of the best voice actors in the business giving the business to Nixon, Trump, Sarah Palin, Lyndon Johnson, Barack Obama, and many more. There’s still time to get tickets before the party starts tonight – snag them HERE!


Voterizer.org — the fastest way to register a Democrat — just added a lightning-fast field version. It is customizable, embeddable, and co-brandable by any partner organization, available en español… And the features keep coming! Not only that – it’s all free, of course. Because there should never be a financial barrier to activism. SIGN UP for a fantastic training session on Tuesday, June 1 from 5:00-6:00p PT, and let mad genius Adam Lesh, Voterizer’s creator, show you exactly how to make Voterizer your very own: how to co-brand it, insert your own language and image, add notes about the elections most important to you, and download any info you receive from voters you register! He’ll also show you how easy it is to use the field version, for both volunteers and the general public. See you there!


If you happen to be in the DMV, come on out for the first large-scale in-person demonstration on the Capitol grounds in support of the For the People Act (S1). On Wednesday, June 9 from 10a to 12p ET, join voting rights activists working with our friends at Declaration for American Democracy (DFAD) and People for the American Way to making voting simpler, safer, and fairer. More information HERE.


Have you been calling your elected reps daily, phone and text banking each week… and getting frustrated by the lack of change? Want to flex your activism in a different way? Learn how you can amplify your voice by writing an Op-Ed! On Tuesday, June 15 from 7-8p PT join voting rights advocate and published Op-Ed author Valerie Morishige for a learning/strategy session on amplifying your voice and moving the conversation forward on the For the People Act and filibuster reform in Arizona. Find out why getting published matters, get tools and templates for submitting Op-Eds in local papers, and learn key talking points about strengthening our democracy. Let’s share knowledge, power map, and strategize on getting heard and saving the world! RSVP HERE.



To give us all the freedom to vote, we must reform the filibuster and pass theFor the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Act. Senators Sinema and Manchin are publicly opposed to filibuster reform. Get their constituents to persuade them otherwise! 


Register Dems in districts whose representatives supported overturning the Biden/Harris election victory, and flip those seats blue! We’re targeting traitors in CA, NC, and TX!


Register Dems via postcard in the most flippable districts and write with friends at our weekly postcarding parties! Send cards to CA-08, CA-21 and CA-25! Just launched: Postcarding in CA-39 to oppose the CA Gov’s Recall!


Make a huge difference with a few keystrokes! Build awareness for our voter registration app #Voterizer,and help #RegisterDemocrats from the comfort of your social media accounts! Find camaraderie and insider tips and tricks on our Zooms!

Click VOLUNTEER OPS below to get details and sign up!



We know the road to preserving our House majority in 2022 runs straight through Orange County, California. That’s why we’ve been raising money to register Democrats in three critical OC districts – and with our campaign in CA-48 now fully funded, we’re down to just two more targets! Once we hit our goals, we can buy the data we need and set up postcarding and phone banking campaigns to contact every single unregistered Democrat in CA-39 and CA-45. Please consider chipping in so we can launch voter registration efforts as soon as possible!

We know the road to preserving our House majority in 2022 runs straight through Orange County, California. That’s why we’ve been raising money to register Democrats in three critical OC districts – and with our campaign in CA-48 now fully funded, we’re down to just two more targets! Once we hit our goals, we can buy the data we need and set up postcarding and phone banking campaigns to contact every single unregistered Democrat in CA-39 and CA-45. Please consider chipping in so we can launch voter registration efforts as soon as possible!

Donate to Flip CA-39 Blue! Goal: $1,175; Progress: $840 CA-39 was ruby-red for many years, but Gil Cisneros flipped it blue in the 2018 midterms… only to be unseated by Rep. Young Kim (R) last year, who has voted like a hardcore Trumper. She voted against impeaching Trump, against the COVID relief bill, against voting rights, and against the Equality Act. Let’s make her a one-term wonder!

Donate to Keep CA-45 Blue! Goal: $2,300; Progress: $1249 Back in 2018, Rep. Katie Porter rode the Blue Wave all the way into Congress, where she’s been kicking ass and writing names on whiteboards ever since. Let’s keep this progressive hero (and FT6’s 2020 Champion of Democracy Award Winner) in the House of Representatives where she belongs!


We’re looking for people with a little time and almost any skill to share. Heck, it might be something we don’t even know we need! Find the current needs we know about HERE.


VACCINATION & REGISTRATION: SAVE THE WORLD TWICE! What better way to share that you’re vaccinated than with a t-shirt that celebrates your status and saves the world in one fell swoop? On the front: “I’M VACCINATED. CAN I REGISTER YOU AS A DEMOCRAT?” On the back: a handy QR code that sends new voters to Voterizer.org for instant registration. You spin around, they snap away with their smartphone, and VOILA – a Democrat is born. Fast, fun and stylish! CLICK HERE to start shopping!


We’ve been collecting tales from the volunteer trenches and today, we’re featuring Marina Muhlfriedel, who joined the FT6 ranks just before the 2020 election. We’re so glad to have you on our team, Marina! I’m a writer and meditation teacher living in Los Angeles and while I’ve worked on many political and social justice campaigns in my life, no election season had ever been quite as compelling as 2020. Against the backdrop of the pandemic and the murders of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and others, we weathered the exhausting rants of Donald Trump and I found myself saying over and over that there was little I wouldn’t do to help bring him down. With plenty of great organizations to work with, I spent hours each week postcarding, calling, texting, and urging Democrats across the country to be sure to vote. After all, we all know that when Dems vote, we win! When Field Team 6 caught my eye at the end of August something felt different. The group had just unveiled its crazy-versatile Voterizer voter registration portal that streamlined the process, no matter where in the country you were. And there was something else. I used to work in the music biz and the art and attitude of Field Team 6 exuded a bit of a hip record label sensibility – distinct, clever, and unapologetically partisan. Checking out a few Zooms, I loved the team’s conviction and sense of humor, and how founder Jason Berlin seemed to take the group’s major progress in stride. I raised my hand, joined, and brought a few friends with me. The phone banks were smart and well organized, the online gatherings, engaging and entertaining. BUT, what I enjoyed most was participating in Social Media Storms. I liked the focused posting of striking graphic elements and unfussy messaging. It’s energizing to feel the collective power of a team that virtually cheers each other on, making a loud noise in the social-sphere, and most importantly, registering more Democrats. – Marina Muhlfriedel

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