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VOTERIZER is HERE! – The Field Team 6 Weekly

Register Democrats. Save the World. HOUSES FLIPPED:   1 DAYS UNTIL 2020 ELECTION:  74PROGRESSIVE VOTERS REGISTERED:  21,462 REGISTER DONATE! VOTERIZER IS HERE At the DNC, both Michelle and Barack delivered dire warnings that the survival of our democracy depends on Americans voting like never before. To help

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We Call for Change

Reasons to Be Active in 2022#2 Re-elect the governor who’s so good they tried to kidnap her.  Our phone banks are back   After a brief hiatus, we’re back on the phones again,


Come Sing With Us

We’re singing for the future Our children’s future. Our country’s future. The future of democracy itself. We’re singing to support the Freedom to Vote Act, to make sure it’s not neglected amid the year-end

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