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Voter Registration

The Cure for What Ails Us

A little bit of agitation is good. It motivates us to action. It stimulates voter turnout. Too much is paralyzing. And pointless.

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Reaching the Politically Invisible Voter

Reaching the politically invisible voter Millions of Americans entitled to vote aren’t in the Voter File. They’re invisible to most campaigns. Voter files collect voter registration information (which is a matter of


THE BIG TRUTH – The Field Team 6 Weekly

THE BIG TRUTH Why do we register Democrats?To save democracy itself from the Republican war on voting.To save ourselves from the Republican Covid misinformation that is killing us.To save our loved ones

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Do you have plans on Saturday?

Thanks to President Joe Biden’s and Vice President Kamala Harris’ leadership, Ohio is back on the road to recovery. More than 5 million Ohioans have been vaccinated, Ohioans are getting back to


JOY – The Field Team 6 Weekly

JOY IS ESSENTIAL TO THE FIGHT These are stressful times. Republicans have sworn fealty to a twice-impeached toxic narcissist who would rather bring down history’s greatest democracy than admit he’s a loser.


THE FIGHT IS EVERYTHING – The Field Team 6 Weekly

June 10, 2021 WORLDS SAVED: 1 PROGRESSIVES WE HELPED REGISTER: 2,940,883 TOTAL VOTERS REACHED: over 15,000,000 DAYS UNTIL 2022 MIDTERM ELECTION: 515 THE FIGHT IS EVERYTHING We can’t choose what Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema do.

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