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Today’s Local Actions (Wed. 7/1) The “Ken and Karen Edition”

Check out all our “Watch Party” videos here. Today’s MOST SHAREABLE: “What defund the police” really means. Favorite: A violinist transfixes riot police at a peaceful protest for Elijah McClain. Recently added: Suppressed: The Fight to Vote – Full Film. Resources Racial Justice resources here. Extensive BLM resources, including

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TPAB Activist Round-Up

Days of activism remaining until the mid-term election:  The stakes of PA’s elections in 2022 at every level on the ballot are clear: Our rights and freedoms are on the line. This is the


Indivisible Georgia Coalition Alerts

Biden to Nominate Anti-abortion Judge in Kentucky CALL THE WHITE HOUSE TODAY! Stop Biden from nominating an anti-abortion judge. It’s being reported that Biden plans on nominating Kentucky’s former solicitor general Chad



It’s the Tuesday after Roe. Hello Indivisible Venturans! Trying to keep ahead of the anti-democratic horrors coming out of the Supreme Court is becoming a full-time job. Keep ahead of us is

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