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It’s been three years since I registered as a Democrat after learning the truth about liberal values and the Democrats who fight for them. I don’t agree with what my former party currently stands for. There has always been a tent in the Republican Party, not as big as the tent of the Democratic Party, but there was a tent. 

The Republican Party used to consist of moderate Republicans, the people who were conservative but still able to work with Democrats. There was the Tea Party, more extreme, right-wing Republicans, who basically believed in white supremacy under the disguise of nationalism. They also believed that Democrats were the enemy and that liberal Democratic values were wrong for America. Then there is the QAnon cult, which is like the Tea Party, but even more extreme with their belief in conspiracy theories — ones that they have adopted from the Tea Party and other more outlandish conspiracy theories that they created. This sect of the Republican Party originally started out small in number but they have grown exponentially and have changed the platform of the GOP. 

Now, as we know, most of the Republicans in Congress tout the conspiracy of the election being stolen and believe that Trump had no part in the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. Only a few Republicans hold former President Trump accountable for his incitement, and the one that sticks out to me the most is Rep. Liz Cheney. Republicans from Ted Cruz to Lindsey Graham to Mitch McConnell have given up their spine for the former guy. Liz Cheney has stood alone holding the convictions of her oath to the office above her party’s “message” of sedition and domestic terrorism. As an Army veteran who takes his oath to the Constitution very seriously, I stand with Liz Cheney against the backlash of her colleagues and QAnon. 

Trump’s incitement of an insurrection was an assault on our democracy. GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy defends an alleged sexual predator, Matt Gaetz, and antisemitic conspiracy theorist Majorie Taylor Greene but tries to oust Liz Cheney for putting her country first? This tells me how far the Grand Old Party has fallen. It also tells me that the Republican Party does not want unity. 

I think to coexist, we need, as Americans, to put politics aside and support Republicans like Liz Cheney, who tell the truth. Any rational Republican who dares to call a lie by its name stands a huge chance of being ousted on committees and replaced by GQP Republicans. All of us can let Cheney’s constituents and Republican voters know that standing up for the oath of office and the Constitution is the most patriotic action an American can take. If we can get Republican voters behind Liz Cheney, there is hope of President Biden’s message of unity prevailing and our government bringing a better life to Americans. 

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