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Conspiracy Theories

The Greene Dossier

The Greene Dossier Some people are especially “interesting.” Keep info on them handy with a dossier. Wakelet is a free app that makes it easy to create and share digital dossiers. DemLabs evaluated


Who’s Getting Rich Dividing Americans?

Who’s getting rich dividing Americans? “Give a capitalist enough rope and he’ll hang himself.” – Karl Marx Marx would smile if he could see how American billionaires make money inciting attacks against the


The Weekly Wrap for 12/5 to 12/12

The WEEKLY WRAPAll the content from Forward Kentucky for the week ending 12/12 — Special notes for this week — Our two-week membership drive ends this Wednesday. Eleven people have said they value the work


Q 2 – a Deep State bunch a weirdos

Q Anon A baseless, claim-less ball of nothingness has decided  they should be relevant. And guess what? They have been embraced by the republican party! “Deep State” claims of an alternate universe