CTC Is Still Fighting … and Still Listening. Join Us!

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Dear friends, supporters, fellow fighters: I’m writing to make sure you know what CTC is up to. And I’m hoping you will join our ongoing efforts.  

Thanks to your hard work, support, and truly personal commitment, CTC made a crucial difference for Pennsylvania, Georgia, and America.  And hundreds of volunteers are now trained in the proven, powerful tool that is deep canvassing.  

So what’s next?  Daily headlines make it clear how urgent our work remains. As the Republican Party rapidly mounts roadblocks to voting and to measures intended to aid low-income and marginalized people, we must be equally committed to our cause: building a more compassionate, inclusive politics.  

It’s a project for the long haul, not the short term.  The next big federal elections in 2022 may seem far off—but now is the time to get to work! We’ve seen the impact we can have, and how close these elections can be.  Here’s how we are acting now to build for the future. There are lots of ways for you to get involved!

  • We’re thoroughly evaluating last year’s work:  To affect the future, we must understand the past.  We’re busy analyzing all the data you helped collect.  But for a deeper understanding, we’re also heading back to the doors!  In late April we’ll spread out across Philly, to hear directly from people we canvassed—about what worked, what didn’t, and what they need in the future. Look for an email soon about how you can participate, in person or behind the scenes.
  • We’re identifying the next big campaign: What elections (or ballot measures) should CTC focus on in the next two years?  Where are the crucial battlegrounds?  Who are promising partners? We’re actively scouting and strategizing now, and we want to hear your thoughts.
  • We’re ratcheting up our commitment to equity and inclusion: There’s now a team dedicated to fostering Racial Equity & Inclusion throughout our work.  CTC is learning, recruiting, training, and building partnerships to strengthen the movement. You can help!
  • We’re taking time to build a durable organization: CTCers are re-organizing volunteer-led teams for Recruiting, Coaching, Tech, Data, Fundraising, Strategic Partnerships, Communications, and more.  Every team offers fulfillment and fun—yes even fundraising, which anyone can learn! What kind of work is right for you?

This is a great time to recommit to CTC. The work is crucial, but it doesn’t have to feel all-consuming.  Instead of staving off imminent disaster, we’re building a brighter futureClick here to let us know what kind of work you’re most interested in doing, and someone will reach out to you soon!

With solidarity,

David Van Taylor
(A documentary filmmaker…a CTCer since 2018…and the lead of the new Communications Team!)

P.S. Here’s a recent “think piece” from the ever-inspiring Stacey Abrams. She emphasizes on-the-ground organizing…constant planning, testing, innovating …and sustained engagement.  Sound familiar?  😉

Pictured above: Volunteer Jessica Wu, who told us, “Canvassing for CTC was one of the most meaningful things I did in 2020 … The conversations I had with voters were more than worthwhile—they were life-affirming. I know we made a difference out there.”

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