A View From Texas on Ending the Mask Mandate and Reopening

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I’d like to offer an apology for something I posted earlier today on social media when I said that the smartest people I know are the ones respecting the science behind the necessity of masks.

Obviously one could take my post to mean that, if you don’t see the value in appropriate COVID precautions then I don’t regard you as being one of the more intelligent people I know.

And I hate that my words could have been misunderstood.

I don’t think you’re simply “not one of the most intelligent.” I think you’re a fucking moron. Like, really, horrifically, dangerously unintelligent.

Your stupidity is so profound, it could literally kill a person. Possibly many people.

So, I apologize. Please don’t take the words I post in any way other than exactly how they were meant.

You allowed your governor to distract you from deadly power grid negligence, all because he told you he’d protect you from having to put the scary cloth on your face.

You forgave negligent homicide in exchange for being allowed to commit your own negligent homicide.

And that makes you unintelligent in a way that is almost painful, at least to those of us who must coexist in this world with you.

I hope this clears up any confusion. Have a great Wednesday, y’all.

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Jenn writes deeply personal, occasionally humorous pieces, from her home, deep in the heart of Texas. A stay at home parent and budding bleeding-heart activist, she seeks to inspire the quiet ones to find their voices, by way of equal parts sarcasm and compassion.

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