An Open Letter to Sen. Mitch McConnell From an Army Veteran

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Trump and 1/6 Attacks

Two weeks ago, I wrote a letter to the Speaker of the House expressing my belief that President Trump must be impeached. I am now writing to you, Sen. Mitch McConnell, to let you know why I, a United States Army veteran, believe that Trump must be convicted and barred from ever holding office again. 

Just like you, sir, I took an oath to defend the Constitution from enemies foreign and domestic, and that oath is a never-ending commitment to veterans. Trump has clearly violated the Constitution on several occasions, and his latest violation is inciting violence on Jan. 6, 2021, during the Electoral College certification of then- President-elect Joe Biden.

Section 3 of the 14th Amendment clearly states the prohibition of incitement and sedition, therefore any politician who commits this act should be held accountable. Failure to follow through with accountability is a violation of the Constitution itself. People have died; two police officers, a veteran and two civilians. People who have been arrested said they were following orders from Trump, and in their minds, they are right: Trump encouraged them to fight. Those were his own words. He didn’t say have your voice heard; he used the word fight. Even in the First Amendment, threats of violence fall outside the realm of free speech. 

I demand that you, Sen. McConnell, vote to convict Trump. I completely understand that many of your voters and colleagues will be upset by this decision, but doing the right thing isn’t always the popular thing. You are aware that Trump is responsible, and it’s time to do right by our country and hold him accountable.

I also believe if you want to save the Republican Party, then Republicans have to support conviction. For every inch given to Trump, a future authoritarian will take a mile. Imagine a person more corrupt and smarter than Trump. That person can use what happened in the Capitol as a means to carry out an insurrection, a terror attack or more constitutional violations. Impeaching and removing Trump is not silencing voters, it’s showing that no one is above the law. Like you, I swore to uphold the Constitution of the United States, not the United States president. If the people arrested for their participation in the Jan. 6 insurrection truly believed they were acting as patriots when they followed the president’s orders, then Trump should be held to the same standard. Only conviction will bring this terrorism to an end and put the United States on a path to real unity.

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  1. I am also a veteran.
    What David Weissman has said is exactly correct.

    Mitch McConnell: if you want anyone to believe you to be a patriot, you must perform your sworn duty and hold a true and honest trial.
    It’s known by all, from the existing video and recordings, that Trump has violated both the Constitution and his sworn oath to uphold it.
    Mitch McConnell: do the right thing.

    • The world was watching and was shocked by all that watched your Capitol come tumbling down by a man that caused it.Dreams many will have that will haunt them forever.Those involve should never be able to harm another human by words that are spoken of lies and hate.

  2. I agree with everything you said. Wanna make your voice count and push back on what previous administration did to the Presidential Medal of Freedom ? Use your platform to push for Braden Harrington to receive the honor. What is more meritorious for a future democracy than refusing to let anything keep you silent ? That should be recognized and rewarded, not a Racist like Limbaugh using the Medal and cancer to amplify his poisoning of our Future in his final days. You could start on Twitter RT Norm_Oclock tweet asking for him to get the Medal.

  3. What David Weissman has said is absolutely and undeniably incorrect. He mentioned people whom had been arrested for the attack on the capital, stating that those people were “following orders” from Trump and that in their minds they’re right. Well, sadly, we don’t live in their minds we live in America. Therefore, they were not right at all. Trump gave no orders for anyone to attack or physically fight anyone. Nor did he incite a riot on the Capital. In case you are unaware of the recent news let me bring you up to date……those attacks were actually premeditated by Extremists who had been planning for week even members of Antifa as well. Have you ever been to a Pep Rally at school where the cheerleaders get the crowd hyped up so there is lots of team energy and enthusiasm during a basketball game? Well that’s exactly what Trump was doing. He wanted to hype up the crowd so the other team (Democrats) knew they were there. So no Trump shouldn’t be convicted. You all should be ashamed of yourselves. We are suppose to stand behind our president and work together as a country to show the rest of the world we are united and will fight for these United States. If you really love your country you should learn a little bit more respect. For David Weissman to demand anything from Senator McConnell shows how disrespectful he truly is. Please tell me one thing Trump has done in his 4 years that has not been good for our country. Then please explain to me how it was ok for the rioters in Minneapolis to BURN down a police office while the people inside had to flee for their lives. People are so weak minded that they jump on the first bandwagon available. SO SAD , and disgraceful. SO UN AMERICAN!!!!

    • If you feel so STRONGLY about
      DEFENDING LITTLE HITLER then why don’t you be a REAL PATRIOT and put your
      MONEY where your MOUTH IS and PAY for the FUNERALS of the SIX PEOPLE that

    • There is no evidence whatsoever that antifa was involved in this so you can retire this lie. Every single person charged are tried and true, diehard t***p cultists. I’ll further add than many of those arrested have explicitly stated that they were following their “leaders orders.” Orders, I may add, based on nothing but lies.

      Further, equating a high school pep rally to an attack on the heart of our government shows how woefully ignorant you are. And, we’ve had over four years of t***p calling Democrats, his critics and the free press “enemies of the people” and “scum.” But please, regal me with tales of how we should support and respect one who calls more than half the country scum and the enemy. The same ‘man’ who sought to punish blue states for nothing more than infantile spite because they didn’t vote for him. Respect is earned, not freely given and I’ll NEVER waste my energy respecting those who don’t respect themselves or anyone else for that matter regardless who it is.

      Mitch McConnell and most of the GOP are unworthy of respect and dignity. While they SAY they took an oath to defend the Constitution, their actions belie their words. They show their loyalty lies with a sad, pitiful little “man’ and not our system of government. They sit silently on the side lines and do nothing to hold their party’s ‘leader’ accountable. They pathetically make excuses for his vile and violent rhetoric. They dare not show courage by standing up and speaking out against said vile and violent rhetoric for fear of being subjected to a temper tantrum by the former Toddler-in-Chief and his collection of domestic terrorists and thugs.

      And, you can also retire the false equivalency in pathetically equating riots – which I do NOT condone – caused by the anger due to blatant racial injustice to a terrorist attack against our government by a bunch of whiny white boys and girls who are having a hissy fit because their ‘leader’ lost the election.

      I do agree that people are so weak minded – particularly when, despite all evidence to the contrary – they would attempt to overthrow our government based on lies vomited by a con man.

      Kudos, weakling.

    • Patricia, there is absolutely no evidence that Antifa or any other left wing group had any role in the attack on the Capitol. Wake up and see the world for what it is! Donald Trump incited that crowd then told them later that same day he loved them. If we don’t address this now future politicians will try even bolder moves to undermine our Democracy.

    • You are so right. When they say they had enough of all the lies the Republicans have said yet don’t say anything now about all the lies and manipulation by the liberals and democrats says volumes of this guy.
      Also combat veterans never go around calling themselves “combat veterans” to make it seem like they have more clout to address certain topics.
      He was a chaplain assistant, they dint live in the front lines in the way he made it seem. A combat MOS and a combat unit, I was both, and this guy is embellishing his service.
      Also 13 years and only a E-4 from what i take he was… go ask a veteran if that’s normal rank.

  4. What a shame that you retired military personnel are Using your very strong voice that should be respected but these days nobody respects anything unfortunately. I believe that’s the fault of the Democrats. They have made it so that people feel they have a right 100% of the time to question authority. ..we do not. .. but that’s just a side note.
    I am really sad and disappointed that Some of you active and retired military have chosen to side with Biden. Respectfully, I know.!!!! …. I know you clearly have not done your research thoroughly enough because if I told you some of the things that I have learned and found to be true and yes I have proof…. You would be disgusted and ashamed that your name is attached to his. I think that both parties need to be overhauled but I promise you, you would not have wanted your name linked to a letter like what was written to Mitch McConnell in regards to Trump. I know he, Trump, is different. He is not a politician…. but he is really trying to do good for the people. Trump is trying to expose the evilness and the horrible things that the liberals are doing even as we speak. Seriously, the lies are enormous, bigger than anything we’ve ever experienced before and our lives are changing worse because of it. I truly am ashamed of our government and to what our country is becoming and it’s not because of Donald Trump. Please keep an open mind and remember we are never hearing the truth from the media… ANY CHANNEL… EVER…. we are only being told what they want us to believe. You have to go beyond that. This is why they are shutting him down from all social media … they have taken his voice, which is tragically wrong. Do you not see what they are turning this country into? Please please look outside the box…. its not pretty… I am truly scared but I know ultimately Jesus is in charge and being a Christian i know we win in the end. I have to put my trust in Him daily… I do respect the military and my elders etc. and I do thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤and for your time in the service fighting for our rights and our lives…. my family and I have nothing but respect for what you’ve done. Please just be skeptical of the left too… they are seriously wrong and are not what you think they are.

    Thank you again for your dedication to us Americans and to our country.

    God Bless You!

    Jennifer Lynne

  5. The letter from the veteran was written with passion and honor for his oath and what he felt he had to remind Mitch McConnell had to be reminded of before he forgot his duty snd responsibility. Thankfully, this letter and I am sure many more, caused Mitch McConnell to back done before things got ugly! Bravo!

  6. Well written letter., all of us who have taken that Oath to our Nation knows exactly what it means. Trump must be help accountable for his Sedition.

  7. Amazingly poignant letter!! If anyone that has higher than a 2nd grade education, they will agree with your sentiments and understand why you are completely correct.. impeach him and stop the partisan studipity. This about the United States and us and the rule of law!! Bravo!!!

  8. I am an Australian and believe me Trump would have not even been elected in this country the people of Australia would have seen straight through him.

    But that now being said you have written an article that really gone to the heart of the matter well done, but I think it may be to late for common sense to prevail.

  9. I also agree with everything David Weissman articulated. Mitch McConnel does need to do the right thing by condemning Donald Trump by leading 17 Republicans to vote to impeach and strip him of post presidential benefits and prevent him from ever running for any federal office again. It is time to re-establish the Republican Party back to what it was and let those that want to follow Donald Trump go over to what ever party will have him. The benefits far out weigh the losses.

  10. I couldn’t agree more!
    If senate republicans fail to do their sworn duty with the impeachment trial, we will all know once and for all that the Republican Party is NOT a constitutional party and do not take their oath to the constitution seriously!
    They will be saying loud and clear that their party is the Donald trump party and nothing more….

  11. A most excellent letter. Kudos to you, sir. However, this will fall on deaf ears. McConnell, and most Republicans have made it abundantly clear they will continue to ignore t***p’s criminality. Today’s GOP has no interest in governing; their only interest is power and how to hang onto it, costs and consequences be damned.

    And, if it means continuing courting the most vile people in society, so be it. Even with their lives literally being on the line as they were on January 6, 2021, they do not care. And this makes them no better than t***p and those who are committed to overthrowing our government.

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